Hey everyone!

If I’m going to start a new blog, I guess one of the first things to do is have a bit of an introduction about who I am, right?

So my name’s Melissa, I’m 24 years old and I’m from the UK. I’m interested in feminism, fatshion and geeky things!

What can you expect from this blog? Well, you can expect a lot of talk about fatshion (you know, fashion, but in a size 16+, for us fatties) and geek things – comics, books and films and the overanalysis thereof! And throughout it all, a healthy vein of feminist perspective.

If you’re wondering why I’ve started this blog, well, it’s because I am pretty active on Twitter,  but I frequently end up blasting over the 140 character limit and using multiple Tweets for one thought or argument. This kind of stuff isn’t necessarily what I use Tumblr for, so I’d like to have a place to put all my thoughts together without spamming my Twitter followers!

And I know this is pretty bland stuff, so here’s 1 favourite dress, 1 favourite comic from my pull-list and 1 favourite pair of boots!



AX Curve Navy V Front Tutu Frock: New Look – unfortunately sold out in my size, but I love the shape and extra interest that the overlay gives to the skirt!



Cover to Wonder Woman #23 by Cliff Chiang: published by DC Comics – although DC Comics makes many, MANY decisions to enrage me, I am still absolutely in love with the current Wonder Woman run – the art is impeccable, the story is interesting and Wonder Woman is the biggest badass around!



Spot On Hologram Boot: Blue Banana – of course they don’t come in my size (that wailing noise you hear is me shaking my fist at the sky), but I am so in love with the holo trend, and would love to get my hands on some boots or shoes like this! This pair is pretty rad, and a good price as well – they’re only £29.99! Agh, damn you, gargantuan Size 8 feet with with I am burdened!


And I guess that’s it for my first post! I’m gonna cross my fingers and try for a once a week or so posting schedule!



2 thoughts on “Intro

  1. I am a Marvel girl really, but I am basically obsessed with WonderWoman as written by Gail Simone. I think she’s amazing.

    Also I am following you, because I can’t think of a good reason *not* to follow a fellow British 24 year old fat feminist geek 😉

    • I started seriously collecting comics when DC’s New 52 came out, so I began as a DC girl, myself. Now I mostly collect Marvel and I’m trying to find more indie’s. LMAO, barely 2 years and I’ve had enough of DC’s BS!

      And I am following you back! Because your blog seems really cool, and anyone with a quote from DougS in their sidebar must be pretty rad!

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