Clothes Wish List #1

What’s up everyone? I have a lot of free time, and spend a great deal of it looking at clothes that I really, really want – even though they’re normally too expensive or not in my size! I thought I’d share a few favourites on here. You should be able to click the image to take you to the webpage for each item (if I did this right…).

First up is this Galaxy Fit N Flare dress from Cult of California:


Isn’t this so gorgeous? I really love the galaxy trend that’s around right now, although I don’t own anything galaxy print myself. Domino Dollhouse had some really gorgeous galaxy leggings, but they were a hint out of my price range! Same as this dress, alas! The dress is $85/£53 which I’d hardly call expensive for a dress that has such an interesting print and comes from a small brand, but if I were to spring for it, it would definitely be a big purchase for me! When my next paycheque comes in, I think I’ll end up very torn – this dress has such a pretty print, and I am a total sucker for the fit ‘n’ flare look… My bank account is already crying at me to reconsider. Something to mull over, I guess!

Next up are these gold Metallic Foil Zigzag Stripes Leggings from Torrid:

gold leggins

Having been a goth in my younger years (and still favouring the no-black-is-black-enough mindset when it comes to clothes!), I used to avoid gold at all costs – I much preferred silver, it reminds me of the moon and stars, and, y’know, has a preeetty strong association with werewolves! You have to be able to protect yourself against any sudden attack, right? Well anyway, in my advanced age, I have suddenly grown quite the penchant for gold – gold fabric always looks so luxe and it helps to add a hint of the baroque to any outfit. And if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it, yeah? (I am so sorry!) Anyway – Evans once had a really gorgeous pair of metallic gold/bronze leggings, that I never bought, thinking I’d never have anywhere to wear them. Now I realise what a fool I was – where do you wear gold leggings? Why, everywhere, of course! So I am in lust with these Torrid leggings, and hope somewhere in the UK brings out some more metallic leggings soon!

The next thing on my wishlist is this Praslin Black Leather Panel Dress:


As I said on Twitter – one of the things I adore about this dress is the slight air of Ultimate Alien Queen that the textured faux leather gives. And if looking like an invading member of extraterrestrial royalty isn’t your thing (though I confess it is utterly one of mine!), I think the vertical panel of leather is a slightly more interesting take on the recent leather trend! Unless the cut is also good, all-leather dresses tend to be overwhelming, IMO, so something like this is a good compromise! Plus, how much of a badass would I look like in this? It’s even on sale! But only in size 16, so I think it’s far out of my grasp, for now. I hope we see something similar come out again!

Now we’ve got an Inspire Mutlicoloured Cartoon Print Scuba Skater Skirt (what a snappy name!) from New Look:


A lot of the time, multicolour prints are pretty dull, I find, and any time a brand tries for brighter tones, you seem to end up with the terms ‘tribal’ or ‘aztec’ flown around. I shudder every time I see a shop using that term! One, wow, haven’t they heard of cultural appropriation? (Briefly: cultural appropriation is the act of taking ideas or images or elements of one culture and using it in another: here is one link explaining why it’s racist and here is one talking about a specific case of cultural appropriation with West African Ankara prints) Two, what the hell do you even mean? Normally, it means geometric prints, but to be honest, I think they’re both essentially nonsense terms. ANYWAY, this skirt is neither ‘tribal’ nor ‘aztec’! It’s a really cute pop art print, that I would love to wear. It’s nearly £18 which I’m iffy about spending on a skirt, on the other hand, it’s a skater style and the print is super cute! Although I have no idea what the Scuba in the title refers to? Maybe the way the waist band looks? I don’t even know.

Anyway, moving on! Now we have the Black Leather-Look Sleeveless Biker Jacket from New Look:


I actually own a jacket very like this(from Evans, ages ago)! I love it so much that I’d quite like another one, haha. I love the biker-style of this jacket, and I think it would add a welcome edge to any sweet outfit you wanted to pair it with. I’m also not a particular fan of jackets with sleeves – normally the sleeve length is wrong, or they’re restrictive around the shoulders, which I find quite uncomfortable. Something like this is a good compromise, I find – normally I’m warm enough if I wear long sleeves underneath as well as some cute gloves or armwarmers! If you want to see how I wear mine, here’s a recent example, I was on a hike with my Mum and my dog and wore a cardigan underneath the jacket, and I was very snug, in fact, so snug I overheated and had to shed layers, haha!

Lastly, in terms of things I could actually buy, we have the ASOS CURVE Skull Fangs Mega Ring Pack:


I know that the skulls and fangs are a little bit 12-year-old headbanger, but dammit, you have to channel the 12-y-o at some point! I like interesting rings like this, and would have been especially into the fang ring when I was still into Teen Wolf 😛 As it is, I always like adding skulls and skeletons to my already skull heavy jewellery collection! Also, £15 for 10 rings? That’s a really good price for rings which’ll fit fat fingers! In fact, the only other place I see that does them so cheap is the Evans sale rail,  but there you have the additional worry of things falling to bits (of course that depends on the style of jewellery you go for! big, chunky things tend to last a lot longer than the more delicate and fiddly things).

Finally, I was reminded recently of a footwear brand that I really love! They’re called AirStep, and their shoes frequently look like the leather has come from the back of a monster, rather than a cow! I really enjoy the more organic and strange nature of their products, and I feel that they offer a good alternative to the more usual style and black, brown or tan that many shoes come in. They are hugely out of my price range though! They shall remain the boots of my dreams though!

Here are a couple of my favourites:



(these are out of stock, unfortunately!)


(I actually used these ones as a basis for a fantasy swamp explorer outfit, which is here if you’re interested!)

So what about everyone else, have you got anything you really want to  have? Let me know!



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