She-Hulk was going to pitch woo in WHAT??

Lately I’ve been catching up on the Marvel title FF – the Fantastic Four have gone off adventuring, leaving an interim team of Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa and Darla Deering to look after the Fantastic Four’s HQ and the Future Foundation kids that live there. It is an excellent title, and I recommend it if you want some really cute and fun comics!

In one issue, Jen goes on a date (or to pitch woo, as the moloids put it!) and she turns up wearing this outfit:


Oh dear! I know this comic has a certain retro kind of style, but that dress and those shoes are the wrong kind of retro!

My issues with the dress:

1) The low-scoop neckline with no sleeves is a very iffy look, for it to work here, I think there needs to be a necklace.

2) It’s too short! A maxi-dress like that shouldn’t end above her ankles, by doing so it cuts her off and makes her look like she can’t shop for herself.

3) Those shoes are so, SO ugly! They’re 90’s in a very bad way. Platforms are ok. Open toe sandals are ok. Bows are iffy but can be ok. All three together? Well, those shoes are NOT ok! Although I love that Jen is the kind of woman who’s like 7’11 and still wears heels.

3) An envelope clutch can work? But not when it doesn’t match anything else.

4) That shawl, whilst matching her nails, shoe-bows and lipstick is just kind of… there. It’s pretty sad.


SO rather than JUST complain, I tried to give Jen some different dresses that might suit her better! (Forgive my so-so drawing skills!)


1) Still a black maxi-dress, still a split in the front. However, it’s longer and it’s more up-to-date with a chiffon overlay + sleeves. I also chose a pill-shaped gold clutch and gold necklace. I tried to keep the sandal look going, but with t-bars rather than bows…


2) Something a little different! She-Hulk always makes me think of purple, so natch her dress had to be a dark purple colour. The top was meant to look a bit like some of the embroidery that’s been popular recently. I thought the cut was a little more mature and suited the stylish lawyer that Jen is during the day. Blue booties, an envelope clutch that isn’t QUITE so out of place, and a big statement bangle are the accessories for this one.


3) I don’t know if this isn’t a little too corporate-goth? But I wanted a evening dress that wasn’t black, didn’t have a flowing skirt, and echoed the thigh-high split in the original. So this military, asymetric pencil dress was what I came up with. I hoped the shawl-collar would be reminiscent of the retro style of the comics. Some red ankle boots and a clutch with her new team’s logo on, plus some darker hair and make up finish up this third date outfit 🙂

Uh, and I can’t draw shoes for toffee, but this was fun! Anyone else have any other ideas for what she could have chosen? What might you wear on a date if you were a super-powered lawyer?


3 thoughts on “She-Hulk was going to pitch woo in WHAT??

  1. I have no idea and I’m not a comic reader (although I could be I just haven’t tried!) but this post made me giggle all the way through it. Your drawings are great 🙂
    I must be gross retro coz I kinda liked her hulky gazoongas hanging out of that dress, didn’t notice it was too short and thought the shoes were kinda cute and the dress length allowed me to see the strap. The clutch though…totally right. LMAO!

    I don’t have more suggestions. Is hot pants too gauche?

    • I’m glad I made you giggle! (don’t get into comics! All of them are heartbreaking and all your favourite characters die, and you STILL give the people who did it money ;a;!!!)
      At first I did kind of like the outfit – I thought it was boring, but was impressed the colourist had used the rule of at least three matching accessories! And then the longer I looked at it, the less I liked it, ha.
      Part of the reason that I had so much less cleavage is because I couldn’t match the colouring up very well, so hid it with dress necklines, LOL. If I were better, there’d be boobs everywhere! Well. Maybe not on her toes.
      It may just be me, but I’m so picky about hem lengths, and that one’s just too short for my taste – but you’re right, it DOES show off her shoes! I think if they were on someone in real life, I’d be super into them, but in this outfit… eh.

      Hot pants are never too gauche. Even if it’s minus 1000 outside, hot pants are the appropriate choice 😛

      • lmao good I have some hot pants on a wishlist…I’m gettin ’em! Although it’s spring here in Australia and if you can get me out of a swimsuit you’d be lucky soon.

        I think in real life the hemline WOULD bother me…it breaks all the rules about calf appearance in regard to leanness…however, hulk lady isn’t lean she’s showing off her muscled muscles!

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