Evans Sale Wishlist

So Evans has got a new season sale on! Things are up to 50% off, which is pretty cool!

I’ve picked out 6 things that I’d really like to own, and they’re under the cut! (I’ve realised all my posts are ridiculously long, sorry about that! More read more cuts in the future!)




I think I actually already own this dress – in a pretty grass green (crappy webcam pic!)! The blue colour is so lovely though, and it would look so pretty and fem on!  It’s gone from £39.50 down to £20! I’d actually like to try accessorising this with some bronze things – you could be a super subtle Ravenclaw! Plus, the green version is really comfortable and easy to wear – the lace overlay isn’t the sort to catch on everything or pill after the first wash.




Speaking of lace – oh. my. gosh. How much do I want this?? I love biker-style things, but a cute lacy biker jacket? Be still my heart! Imagine how much of a badass you could look with some chunky boots – and still look like a fucking lady as you conquer a seething horde of monsters! That makes it versatile, right? Haha. It’s down from £75 to £45 – which is too rich for my blood, but I imagine this’ll be snapped up quickly!



Skater dresses are, very obviously, my weakness! I’m not normally fond of random jewelled embellishments (unless it looks like a 5-year-old let loose with a glue gun and some glitter, in which case I am all over that!) because often they’re ill-placed and look a bit cheap, to my eye. Still, I’m neutral about the neckline on this one! I like the way it looks like some real thought has gone into the placement of the embellishments, and I like how well the overall curve echoes the neckline. I think if you had some matching glitzy and sparkly accessories, it could look pretty rad! Plus, I think it’s a nice shade of purple. It’s gone from £45 to £25.




It may be an overexposure to random action adventure films, or my love of the zombie apocalypse genre, but I really like olive/military greens! It’s unfortunate that even in plus-size retailers I can’t often find a button-up shirt which will fit, also I tried a similar shirt in Evans a few months ago and the collar was … not flattering, shall we say, so I definitely won’t be getting this. If I had a smaller bust though, I might still consider it, because I like the colour and the flowing cut of the shirt. It’s down to £15 from £25.




Oooh, I am so, SO torn about this dress! I think it looks wonderfully witchy with the floaty chiffon sleeves, but I’ve bought so many clothes lately and I’m trying to save money, so I may pass on this dress. I don’t know if anyone else actively likes to try and find clothes which will make them feel like a character out of a fantasy book, but I’m just itching to add this to my wardrobe! Still, I don’t want to spend the money right now, and the website doesn’t show if the chiffon yoke is the same as the chiffon sleeves – and wouldn’t it be odd to wear a dress with a yoke that’s doesn’t match the sleeves or the main body AND doesn’t act as a design feature? I think so. It’s now £20 and used to be £35.

(Actually looking further at the website, my decision is easily made! They only have a size 20 left)




This is a dress I’ve been coveting for a couple of weeks, but it was originally priced at £30 in the sale, which I felt was too much for me (see above about trying to desperately claw back my runaway lack of impulse control!). Now it’s £20, but stops at a size 24. I think with a stretchless chiffon overlay I’d need to go for a size 26 at least, so I think I have to wave farewell to my chances of owning this dress. It’s a shame, because it’s so pretty and feminine and I really enjoy the shirt style of the top half. I don’t know where I would wear this dress either – I have two or three posh frocks and I don’t have a job where this is suitable workwear (haha, I wear jeans, steel-toed safety boots and a work polo shirt!). Still, isn’t it lovely?



I haven’t come completely empty handed out of the sale though! I’ve been in need of a new swimsuit for a while now, and the one I bought from Simply Be was too small! Does anyone else find that have to really size up in swimsuits? Is it just me?

Anyway, I got a swimdress AND a swimsuit!

12A24NBLE_large 12A26NBLE_large


Aren’t they pretty? At only £12 and £15, I think I got a real bargain!


Did you see anything you want?


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