What I might wear…

…if I ever decided to dress a little more masculine.

I actually wish I were able to wear more masculine type of fashion, since it looks so effortlessly cool on so many people, however I find my body shape and personality makes any masculine outfit I put on loose the edge that makes those outfits so much fun. I think my overall look just isn’t badass enough to carry off the simpler shapes of dudes fashion in a way that I like, alas! This is not to say that curvy people can’t look fucking hardcore in a more androgynous style – it just so happens that I know, deep down in my core, I am essentially a soft person who likes cake and afternoon tea and pink things, which, in my case, does not lead to an appearance that makes you swoon at twenty paces (rather, I’ve got that kind of face – y’know, the one you talk to. About everything.)  Although it is a terrible pain to me, deep in my heart, that I’m never going to look like a 50’s greaser on the wrong side of the law, I figured I could at least find an outfit online that might look pretty babely.

if i were a dude


So that’s the look I’d probably go for. As you can see, it’s really very simple and tends towards dark/neutral colours.

There seem to be three things that really stop me going for this kind of look, one is the simplicity – I would feel under-dressed and like the outfit I’ve put on doesn’t reflect the thought that’s gone into it, so instead of making a statement, I’m simply throwing on some comfortable clothes. This probably also ties into the fact that a few years ago, I gave up entirely on wearing jeans or trousers, as I could never find any that fit, so my wardrobe has far more skirts and dresses than it does jeans (although since I started a job that has them as part of the uniform, I have gained  a few pairs!), so jeans to me aren’t as natural as they are to some other people. And finally,  I’ve never really examined the style and built up a selection of clothes that really suit it, so unlike my normal fashion, I don’t have a group of clothes I can throw on to make an outfit.


If you want a really good example of a hottie in androgynous style, check out Bettie Riot at Manufacturing Hearts, although unfortunately all the photos are gone from her blog (damn you, Google!). She still has some really good posts on being fat and presenting androgynously, which are fascinating and really highlight how shitty the fatshion retailers are at supplying clothes that aren’t frumpy or very femme. It’s something I noticed when browsing sites looking for clothes for this – so many clothes are very feminine, especially when you look at the details (cuts, pockets, decoration, material), so anyone wanting to dress fashionably, but not femininely yet still in clothes that fit properly, is going to have a pretty hard time doing so.




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