What I might wear…

…if I were a Hufflepuff!

We all know what’s coming next, right?

It’s a montage of clothes I might wear if I were a member of Hufflepuff. Surprising, I know!


Firstly – OMG this was so hard! Yellow is rarely a colour that’s used in tops, or so it seems. I would have much preferred a more subdued shade of yellow for the top, but when I saw it on Asos, I couldn’t resist adding it in here. I was really torn on this outfit idea – part of me wanted to play up house colours and badgers. Part of me wanted to go for black jeans, black batwing/dolman sleeve chunky jumper, black boots and then yellow accessories – essentially some kind of low-key hipster Hufflepuff.

As you can see, I decided to play up house colours and badgers. I also tried to go for a comfortable and fairly flowing look with this – hence the waterfall cardigan and the loose fit of the top.

Belted wrap top – Asos Curve

Black stud shoulder waterfall cardigan – Yours Clothing

Mustard coloured belt I used in lieu of leather cuff – look I’ll be honest, it’s just a belt I saw on Asos. There is a surprising dearth of attractive chunky, yellow cuffs. Who knew?

Vintage Badger Earrings – Sour Cherry

Ankle Boots – who cares, the site I found them on says they cost £168 and who the hell would pay that much for a pair of ankle boots????

Jacquard tapered trouser – Simply Be

I’ve been thinking about this outfit for a while, but unfortunately it just didn’t come together like I wanted it to. You know when you have a picture in your head, but you cannot find anything like it online? Yeah, that.


Of course, the ultimate Hufflepuff look is being sported by the beauty on the far right in this photo. Click the link, then take a few minutes to recover yourself. Don’t worry, perfection affects us all that way.


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