What I might wear…

…if I were a Ravenclaw!

And it’s the last of these Harry Potter themed picks! Aren’t we glad?

Ravenclaw is probably the hardest house to do – navy blue isn’t too hard to find, but bronze isn’t really a popular colour right now. Ah well! For this I went for a fairly simple outfit, because if I were a Ravenclaw I’d want an easy outfit to throw on before I hit the books!



From L-R

Boots: Jeffrey West Lightning Chelsea Boots

Belt: Kenzo Eye Belt

Necklace: New Look Flying Eagle Necklace

Jumper: Samya Navy Stud Mesh Knit Jumper

Cami: Asos Curve Soft Jersey Vest

T-Shirt: Asos Curve Jersey Top with Dip Back

Jeans: Koko Snakeskin Jeans

(sorry I forgot to number things this time! It’s kind of late, and I’m quite tired!)

What do you think? Was simple and stylish a good way to end this series of posts? And would you like me to do something similar again?


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