Nine Worlds Geekfest – now with added comics track!


So last year my Mum and I attended Nine Worlds Geekfest in London. Short story, it was so great! It had a wonderful atmosphere, fantastic topics and lovely people! We got home and pretty much immediately bought our tickets for the 2014 event! 

Lately there have been a couple of announcements – one of them being that this year is going to have a discussion track about comics!

Yeah, you can guess how excited I am! Fantastic convention talking about my favourite things? Hell yeah!

So I got in contact with them and volunteered (which is a big deal for me! I’m not all that shy and retiring when it comes to adding my 2p in panels, but being on one? SO scary)! Having had a couple of emails back and forth with Hazel, I can safely say I am now supremely excited! Talking about comics! In a venue open to discussing problematic aspects! A wide variety of topics! The chance to cull recs from all and sundry!

If you think you’d like to come to a really inclusive con with a huge array of discussion tracks, you should really check out Nine Worlds! It’s in August and takes place in Heathrow 🙂 The website isn’t fully updated to reflect the 2014 con yet, but apparently announcements and such are happening soon!

And if you’re interested in comics, then the organisers have a Tumblr and Twitter. (I’d actually rec their personal Tumblrs too! Both are pretty cool! piratemoggy and alwaysalreadyangry)

(I’d apologise for ending nearly every sentence with a ! but uh, srynotsry)


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