Summer Splurging

(sorry I’ve neglected you, blog! I’ve just been distracted!)

So I guess I have a lot to talk about on here – I’ve gotten a new job, finished my OU courses for this academic year, I’ve been to a con and was on a panel, and I’ve got my schedule (ooh, fancy!) for two more cons this year!

Instead, this is just a brief post to show off the new things I’ve splashed out on!

As Summer is struggling to make itself known, I’ve been growing a little sick of my wardrobe. There’s so much in it, but very little that actually excites me! I’m going to do a thorough clean out soon, but that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of a few reductions on ASOS. I didn’t go for anything too spectacular, but instead for things that are going to be comfortable and that I’m not going to get sick of within two seconds flat!



New Look Skater Dress – £9

Blue isn’t a huge colour in my wardrobe, but I think this bright colour should suit me fairly well! And if it doesn’t, it should still be comfortable as a nightie, haha.



Alice & You Chambray Swing Dress – £15

So I’m not into blue denim, and I’m even LESS into washed out light blue denim, but I think the style of this will suit me and it should (hopefully!) be super comfortable! And if I just can’t stand the colour, there’s always dye! You never know, I may yet be converted on the colour.


ASOS Curve Skater Skirt With Pockets – £11

In my new job I’m actually allowed to wear skirts (hallelujah!) and I’ve been looking for a new one that would be suitable, so I’m really crossing my fingers that this one fits the bill. The pockets especially should be useful, as it’s become too hot to wear my fleece and my trousers (naturally) don’t have pockets D= Anyway, my only worry is that this may not look great with my work issued polo-shirt, but we’ll see!


ASOS Curve Matte Legging – £12

I’m still in love with textured leggings, so when I saw these on sale, you know I had to go for them! I actually sized up, since I’ve found that matte or wet look leggings tend to be just too tight when I buy them  in my regular size, so I’m hoping that these will fit well and won’t be too loose…


ASOS Cure High Waisted Legging in Textured Stripe – £15

So I’m pretty excited about these! I love stripy things, but thick coloured stripes often make me look supes ridic, so I’m hoping that these more subtle leggings will be good! I’m also a fan of high waisted things, but I’m not sure if that’s because my mum’s croaking shriek of “Think of your kidneys! Don’t let them get cold!” is forever echoing about the brainpan, or if I just like the style. Truly, a dilemma for the ages (not!)


ASOS Curve Semi Precious Nugget Ring – £7

Whilst I’m deeply put off by the name ‘nugget’, I’m still into this ring! I love chunky rings, and on the website it seems like this might be lapis lazuli, which I’m allll about! Even if it isn’t, who could pass up such a pretty ring for such a nice price!


So that’s my latest splurge! I’ve mostly been very good about not buying too much – partly there’s been very little out there that I’d actually like to wear and partly my new job is a fair paycut from the last one, so I’ve been trying to save, but I saw these on sale and before I knew it, they were in my basket! Oops?