Con schedules!

So like I said in my last post, I’m off to a couple of conventions over the next two weeks šŸ™‚ I’ll be at Nine Worlds and also Loncon 3, so if you’re going, let me know! It’d be nice to say hi to people šŸ˜€


I’m also going to be on some panels at each (ooh, exciting!):

Nine Worlds:


13.30 – 14.45

Stark Tower Sleepover (Infinite Washing-Up Crisis)

Opening the track by settling into our room and talking superhero domesticity: games, snacks and drinking straight from the coffee pot.

(The website hasn’t updated to say I’m on this? BUT I’M TURNING UP ANYWAY. So. Yeah.)

18.45 – 20.00

Fourth Wall Fandom

Creators of canon are increasingly likely to interact with their fanbase, whether by referencing fannish tropes in the TV show / film / book, or by interacting with fans on social media platforms. This doesn’t always work out well ā€¦ The panel discuss how creators can learn to love fandom, how fans can engage with creators, and whether creators (fan or pro) should engage with transformations of their work.



18.45 – 20.00

Blurred Lines: boycotting & buying in

What’s a fan to do when the people responsible for a comic you love do things you hate? We try to plumb the ethical minefield of purchase-as-support.



15.15 – 16.30

More-Than-Mild-Peril: beyond sidekicks

Young adults and children in comics: from fridges to firefights, legacy, parents and representation.



And then also Loncon:


11.00 – 12.00

Makeup Design for Costume and Cosplay

Basics of makeup design and application, including some ideas on how to select materials and techniques. Come get some tips on designing the cosmetic component of your look!


12.00 – 13.30

Fan Shaming

Everyone has done it as some point, made a passing comment differentiating ourselves from “those” fans, you know the ones who like My Little Pony or fanfiction or dressing up like a Klingon or being a furry or a fake geek girl or not knowing the name of the director of the 3rd episode of Doctor Who …. Whenever we set ourselves apart from another fan as being somehow better, because what we like or how we practice being a fan are deemed more acceptable, we are engaging in an act of fan shaming. In this session we take a closer look at fan shaming what it is, how to recognise it, how to stop ourselves from doing it, and how to stop others doing it.


(Yes, my Loncon ones are back-to-back! Hopefully I won’t up getting to Fan Shaming with my makeup melting down my face… D=;; )


I’m pretty excited about all of these panels and I really hope they go well!


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