Why can’t I resist you, Asos?

I recently got a grant for the course I’m currently studying, so of course, I decided to treat myself a bit.

Originally, I’d intended to go for one nice thing like a new coat or maybe some good quality skirts/trousers for work.

And then I didn’t. There are no clothes in this order from Asos.com, which is a bit of a shocker, but if I’m honest, I have everything I need and there was nothing on the site I loved enough to pay out for.

The jewellery section though… there laid my downfall!


Star Cluster Headband – £10. I love headbands, and this one is so cute! Wearing stars always makes me feel like I’m channelling my inner wizard, for whatever reason.


Dark Floral Headband – £10. I think this is fantastic and since it’s a black headband it should be a little bit more subtle than the star cluster one above, which is useful for work! (See, I did manage to get something for work! Clearly I’m a responsible shopper!)


Volcano Ring – £12. I have some earrings that this will match absolutely perfectly with! It’s from the straight size collection of jewellery, although I bought it in L, so I’m not sure how well this will cope with my chubby fingers, but I live in hope! The colours on this are so beautiful, and I do so love a good cocktail ring. They’re practically defensive weapons, when you find yourself needing to smack someone down!


Evil Eye Open Cuff – £8. This is probably the item I’m least sure about, but I think it should look pretty striking on. I’m not normally a fan of bracelets (except for my copper one, which I wear all the time), but I’m hoping this will be more comfortable than most that I own!


Komedian Silver Brogues – £17.99. You may not know this about me, but I just bloody love a good silver shoe! I already own two pairs of silver flats, but I just couldn’t resist these brogues. I mean, look at them. I pretty much HAD to buy them!

So that’s the end of that splurge! There were a couple of things I was just dying to pick up, but didn’t because I may not be financially responsible, but I’m planning a trip to London at the end of November and I don’t want to go with no money at all.

The things that I really wanted were:


Lace Jacket – £55. It’s so beautiful! But so impractical for winter! Plus, I find most jackets fairly restrictive (generally the shoulders fit me weirdly, which I thank my dear departed Granny for. She gave me some reaaaal wide shoulders!). Also, what’s up with the spot mesh? All over lace would have been so gorgeous.


Dr Martens Core Pascal Mirror Shift 8-Eye Boots – £105. I’ll be honest with you, it took a lot not to order these. I love them so, so much. They are so gorgeous and Dr Martens are reliably comfortable (for me, anyway). Just… Just look at them. They are my dream boots! But I just can’t justify the price to myself. They shall just have to haunt my dreams forever!

So that’s it for this post! I am still planning on posting about the harassment in fandom panel I did at Loncon, but uh, I keep distracting myself >.>;