Dream Capsule Wardrobe

So on Twitter I mentioned that I was once again daydreaming about how great it’d be to get rid of my entire wardrobe and start again from scratch. If I had that chance, I’d definitely be channelling my inner-witch – maybe the kind that sets you on a path of pain and destruction, or the kind that makes cakes and puts little spells in each slice, or the kind that enchants her social-circle and rules as a queen of suburbia.

And with that in mind, I decided to window-shop and see what kind of wardrobe I could come up with from the things which are currently on sale. I tried my best to be honest about what I’d like and what I would actually wear, so it’s perhaps not as overtly supernatural as it could be, but I like to think the witchy overtones are there! I also tried to choose a mix of comfortable and casual and slightly more formal and dressy.

I tried to keep myself to three items per type, so three dresses, three skirts, etc. I mostly succeeded!


Sprinkled Splendor Dress | Sights to Season Dress | T-Shirt Dress w/ Woven Pockets

Dresses are probably the main staple of my wardrobe, so to choose three was difficult, but I decided to go for shapes and designs that were simple and striking. I wanted to chose dresses that were interesting and playful, without being overly-costumey. I also particularly love the Sights to Season dress as it reminds me of an outfit I wore for Halloween when I was little (a fire-witch!), but it’s mature and beautiful enough to wear day-to-day.


Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan | Ladder Stitch Jumper | Airport Greeting Cardigan

For cardigans I tried to find tops that were interesting in either shape or texture and that would add warmth without being overly bulky or boring. I love the deconstructed look of the Ladder Stitch Jumper and the interesting drapery of the Airport Greeting Cardigan, but the reason I chose the Story Cardigan is that it is such a lovely, warm colour and I know from cardigans that I already own, that a traditional knitted cardigan goes with most things and is absolutely the cosiest, which would obvs be important to witches communing with nature in the middle of cold forests!


Spook Your Mind Tee | Picture Window Top | Top of the Classic

In terms of tops, I tried to look for things that would be comfortable and a little bit spooky but that weren’t clichés. I adore skulls and interesting designs, but if I were to chose only 3 tops to wear, I know that I’d like to go for designs that aren’t too busy or likely to fall out of style in the next 2 minutes. That’s why I felt an all-over print of a skull (and yes, I did have to include at least one!) worked better than many of the smaller print ones, especially as I can be quite fussy about sizing and placement of smaller designs. I like the radiating lines of the Picture Window top, and also the more subtle take on the current trend of mesh and see-through panels. Finally the crushed green velvet top is just gorgeous, both colour and cut, and just something I could see a well-to-do witch of means wearing.


Rainbow Metallic Full Skirt | Mesh Tiered Skirt | Jukebox DJ Jumper

I have to be honest, choosing skirts was the hardest part of this! The styles I normally prefer weren’t quite as abundant as they have been, but luckily I found these! The first is just so beautiful, I could in no way resist it! It’s made of spandex and has pockets! POCKETS! Aaah! The Mesh skirt is one that I think would look beautiful with all of the tops above, but it also looks comfortable AND swishy, which is a win in my books. The jumper is more of a departure from my normal style, but the cut is just gorgeous and the colour is fantastic, I can see it working very will in many different situations.


Pleated Leggings | Fresh Take Leggings in Galaxy | Exclusive Legging in Lace

With the leggings, I tried to balance my love of interesting leggings with ones that would actually work with everything else I’ve chosen. Both the Pleated and Lace leggings were chosen because I think they’ll go with anything, but they’re still comfortable and beautiful. The Fresh Take were chosen because… well… look at them! They’re fantastic! Any witch would be glad to slip them on!

witchybootsLeather Biker Boots | Mirror Shift 8-Eye Boots | Embellished Leather Ankle Boots | Darwin Worker Boots

So like I said, for most things I tried to curtail my wandering eye to three items, but if you expect me to choose between all these beautiful, stompy boots, then you vastly overestimate me. I just love all of these! They’re interesting, comfortable and I feel confident that if at any time I were called upon to kick a meddling knight from here to next Tuesday, these boots would give me that ability! When one is a witch that embraces conference with dark powers, it is essential one has footwear that enables one to run the fuck away from assorted zombies, demons and evangelists.

And there we have it! My dream capsule wardrobe for channelling my inner-witch! Do you like my choices? What sort of look would you go for if you had a restricted wardrobe?

(PS assuming everything were in stock in my size, and excluding shipping, this only comes to ~£935! Anyone have that lying around spare?)