If only Asos had loyalty reward schemes

I got paid! So I bought shit! I know, I know, you’re all very surprised that I’m putting up yet another “look at my outrageous spending habit” post.

Now that you’ve recovered from the shock, here’s some of my favourite latest purchases (not all from Asos!).

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Instagram Catch Up!

I use Instagram quite a lot, and I thought rather than type out a boring catch up on how things have been in the last few months, I thought I’d post some favourite photos!

The flowers have been abundant and beautiful this year, so of course I’ve been taking photos!

prettyplace5 prettyplace4 prettyplace3

I’ve also been out and about! Mostly with Mum 🙂

prettyplace1 outandabout prettyplace2

And speaking of trips – me and Mum went up to Edinburgh to see the Amorphophallus Titanum which was flowering! We luckily came the day after it smelled its worst, but it was still awesome to see!


My hair has also changed a little – different shades of red, and now a plummy purple!

haircolour1 haircolour haircolour2

And then finally, I’ve been making most of the hotter weather (when we’ve had it!) but having a summery mani and some ice cream!


So that’s it! How’s everyone else been doing?