Nine Worlds Sched and fic recs galore!

It’s nearly time for Nine Worlds 2015! And I’m going to be there! \o/

I’ll be a part of two panels, which are:

OMG WTF: RPF?! Our panel explores real person fiction – Friday 8.30pm – 9.45pm
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? We delve into the past and present of real person fiction.
Emily January, Viktoriya, Pensnest, Melissa T.


They used what?”- historical research for fanfiction – Sunday 10.00am – 11.15am, Room 12 (with Fanfic)

Writing fanfiction set in a historical period can involve a great deal of research. (Possibly more than has been done by canon creators, in some cases!) And writing historical AUs can be a great way of unpacking the unspoken prejudices of a modern-day canon. Research can be immensely diverting, it can spark a renewed interest in history, and it can affect the course and content of your story. This panel will discuss how historical AUs open up some canons, and share some of the more interesting facets of their own research into various historical periods.
Panel with Tanya Brown, AL Johnson, Tony Keen, Kari Sperring, Melissa T.

I’m moderating this one! It’s my first time moderating, but I’m sure it’ll go well – just look at my fellow panellists!

So I’m really looking forward to these! I think they’ll both be really fun and I can’t wait!

If you’re also at the con, please do come up and say hi! I’ll probably Instagram outfits, or at least my shoes (I promise, they shall be shiny and unmissable!), or of course I’ll be wearing a name badge!

I was going to bring along fic recs, but then I wasn’t sure if Explicit rated fics would be ok, and also it turns out I have quite a lot, so here they are instead:

Life Sentence by astolat

Fandom: The Fast and the Furious

Rating: Explicit

Notes: M/M,  Alternate Universe

Love the characterisation of Dom and Brian, love the plot and love any fics with bonding in!

“Sit down,” the doctor said. He took blood, three vials filling up dark red. “Any medical conditions?”

“No,” Dom said, and then his mouth kept going and said, “What if I want to volunteer for bonding?”

The doctor peered at him over the glasses. “Do you want to volunteer for bonding?”

It hung in the air. Dom felt it like a noose around his throat, squeezing. Twenty-five to life. “Yeah,” he said.



ursa major  by maleyka and ohtempora

Fandom: Hockey RPF

Rating: General

Notes: Alternate Universe

The one where Shea Weber sometimes turns into a bear!

In Shea’s defense, the moon is almost full. It’s the wrong night for Parise to be acting like a dick.

He manages to get his helmet off before the change really hits, barely even registering the stretch in his muscles, the shifting of his bones. He does see Parise take a step back, then another, and his voice shifts into something different mid-yell. The roar is audible even over the shock and delight of the crowd.

“All right, folks,” Pete’s voice comes through the speakers. “You all know what to do. Just stay in your seats, the trainers will have this situation sorted out in just a minute.”


First Impressions by Elizabeth

Fandom: Pride and Prejudice

Rating: General

Notes: F/M, Alternate Universe

Really delightful fic – what if Elizabeth Bennet were Mr Bennet’s only son? And what if Mr Darcy was Miss Catherine Darcy? A beautiful tone throughout and wonderful characterisation!

When Henry Bennet, only son and heir to an eccentric country squire, crosses paths with Catherine Darcy of Pemberley, she publicly insults him and runs interference in his sister’s romance. Naturally, proposals, matchmaking messes, an elopement, an abundance of mixed signals, and massive misunderstandings ensue.


Serious by Toft

Fandom: Legally Blonde

Rating: Explicit

Notes: F/F, homophobia

This is one of my absolute favourite fics, I can’t get over it. Elle’s voice is just spot on and everything is so, so lovely!

It was about halfway through studying for the LSATs, leg twitching from too much caffeine, waking up with ink on her face after dreaming she had to find the flaw in an argument constituted by her mother’s dresser and a pekinese, that Elle realized she hadn’t thought about Warner in at least a day. Then, somewhere between the moment she sat down at her exam desk, all her senses vibrating to the crisp smell of the unopened examination paper, and the moment the bell sounded and a collective sigh went up around the clatter of pens, she realized that she wanted this more than a Barbie Beach House, more than Warner’s grandmother’s engagement ring with clustered diamonds in a classic yet faintly art nouveau floral design and central sapphire, more than a white wedding – more, in fact, than she’d ever wanted anything in her life.


Team The Best Team by neveralarch

Fandom: Elementary

Rating: Teen

Notes: F/M, M/M, F/M/M, Polyamory

Marcus gets along well with Sherlock’s friends. So cute!

The man held out a hand. “Alfredo Llamosa. I’m Sherlock’s- friend.” Alfredo’s hand was warm and dry, and he gave Marcus a tiny smile. “What did you need help with?”

“Just an annoying case,” said Marcus. “I don’t suppose you know anything about car jacking.”

Alfredo’s smile got wider.

El Presidio Rides North by whitachi

Fandom: None! It’s an original work

Rating: Explicit

Notes: M/M

An original fic set in a zombie apocalypse – surprisingly sweet and very funny indeed!

I was absolutely certain I was going to die, and it was because I’d wanted to wash my hands. The last thought that was going to go through my head was going to be that I could have lived a long and happy life if I’d just been satisfied with that bottle of hand sanitizer. And the worst part of it was that I’d die getting my hands dirtier, what with how the zombie I was trying to wrestle off of me was covered in dirt and that undefinable zombie sludge that they seemed to create. I’d hoped it wouldn’t end like this, in a Wendy’s bathroom, while I still needed to pee.


Lesbian and Gay Figures in Magical History: No. 6 John Segundus by rubyofkukundu

Fandom: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Rating: Mature

Notes: M/M

I really liked the format of this! I thought it was great to go from a faux academic article into more traditional prose. I also thought it was sweet and I really enjoyed Mr Segundus’ characterisation.

John Segundus is perhaps not a household name. Knowledge of him tends to be relegated to those of us with a particular interest in the magical history of the regency and the early 19th Century, commonly known as the magical restoration period. This is a little unfair to Segundus, who played a significant role in the restoration of English magic itself, but is perhaps understandable when you consider the competition he receives from his more famous counterparts. Moreso than at any other time, the magical restoration can be said to have had a glut of famous magicians; among them we have Strange, Norrell, Childermass, Redruth, Ward, and a number of others. Then of course, after that time came the great magical celebrities of the Victorian era (Shepperton, Pritchard, Gwozdek, to name but a few) which of course means that all but the largest characters of the magical restoration must fall by the wayside, Segundus included.



dreams for wings and wanderers by Etharei

Fandom: Merlin, Temeraire

Rating: Explicit

Notes: M/M, Merlin fusion with Temeraire – so the setting is influenced by the Temeraire novels, but no knowledge of that canon is required

Love, love, LOVE this fusion! I think the inclusion of dragons into the Merlin universe is fantastic and the added layers it adds work so well!

Dragons are feared and mistrusted throughout Albion, and there are very few of them left in Camelot, for Uther’s long campaign against magic also included hunting down all the dragons in the wild. Now, Camelot is recovering from the invasion of Cenred and Morgause’s army. Prince Arthur is the one in charge, and Merlin finds out that his secret regular visits to the covert haven’t been very secret at all. There’s a great deal of manly bonding with the Knights, inquisitive dragons being inquisitive, and a record-breaking number of near-death experiences for Merlin. And this is before he gets his very own dragon. (A Merlin/Temeraire fusion.)


My Home and Native Land by copperbadge

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Rating: General

Ronon discovers a new place to belong! This fic has so many lovely fluffy feels!

Ronon’s friendship with Chuck, the head Gate Tech of the Atlantis mission, leads him to discover the strange and alien ways of Canadians and helps him lay his past to rest.


Rhinegold by Rosie_Rues

Fandom: Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Rating: General

Cat, Tonino and Marianne have an adventure offworld. This really captures the tone of Diana Wynne Jones’ original books, I love the adventure they go on and it’s really a feel-good fic!

“I do think you’re lucky,” Julia said enviously as she watched them dash around. “I never get to go offworld.”

“I don’t feel lucky,” Marianne said from somewhere behind the sofa. “I’m terrified, and I can’t find my good hat.”

The Water Horse by Thamiris

Fandom: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Rating: Explicit

Notes: M/M

Thamiris’ writing was so beautiful, evocative and lush. Anything of hers is worth checking out, but this was the first fic of hers I came across, and it remains a favourite.

The tapestry is Arthur’s latest joke.

“In honour of Twelfth Night,” the king says, ushering the court into the hall, “behold the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”

A rush of gold and brocade, elbows and swords, sends Gawain stumbling to the west wall. Titters flare around him, bee stings to his ego. He looks because he has to, because the court will study him as closely as they study his life woven across the wall. Tonight, he’s the entertainment, the fool, the feast, so Gawain borrows Lancelot’s stoic face and dons imaginary armour.


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