Review: Wytches vol. 1

Today I’ve got a review for you all! I recently bought a few new graphic novels and thought it’d be cool to chat about them.

One of these new GNs is Wytches Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder (writer), jock (artist), Matt Hollingsworth (colours), Clem Robins (letters) and David Brothers (editor), published by Image Comics. It collects issues #1-6 and came out in June 2015. That means this review is practically timely!


I picked Wytches up because I’d seen friends talking about it on twitter, because jock is one of my favourite artists and I’d heard good things about Snyder as a writer. Overall, I’m really pleased I bought it – I’m not often one to grab horror comics, but this one grabbed me!


The basic plot of Wytches revolves around Sailor Rook and her parents Charlie and Lucy – a family who have moved to a new town, Litchfield, for a fresh new start. This new start doesn’t go so well and the creatures who rule Litchfield are hungering to take Sailor. As Sailor tries to get over the horrific event from her past, she has to cope with being hunted by the wytches. Charlie is trying to prove he’s a decent father after a drunken outburst damages his relationship with Sailor and he is drawn in to the battle to defeat the wytches by one who has escaped their clutches.


As a horror comic, the scares are meant to come from two angles – the wytches themselves and the psychological horror of the choices humans make. Personally, I didn’t find the psychological aspect particularly scary – but then again, reading a comic where people ‘pledge’ others as sacrifices to the wytches, I can’t help but look at our current government and think the people of Litchfield possess significantly more moral backbone. However, for anyone not as cynical as me, or possibly someone who does hold responsibility for another, I can see the actions of many Wytches characters being very unsettling – particularly a twist near the end. The idea of a whole village being in thrall to evil is not a new one, but Snyder’s focus on Sailor, her anxiety and her struggles and his ability to build our sympathy for her means the retreading of familiar ground is a minor quibble.

wytches sailor


In terms of psychological horror, for me the scariest bit by far was a flashback scene where we see Sailor being tormented by her bully, Annie. The actions Annie threatens are truly horrific and the way in which she intends to hurt Sailor is particularly unsettling – because this is something that has happened to people, Annie’s bullying is a tangible, real-life horror that truly wrecks lives. In comparison, cult-like townspeople are hardly a daily threat, so their undeniably awful actions are too distant from reality to scare me.


Like the evil town, the wytches themselves are not a totally unique horror monster but I found them much more unsettling than the Litchfielders. Part of this is down to jock’s fantastic art style – he is very adept at creating tension and a claustrophobic atmosphere. He’s aided by Hollingsworth’s colours – well toned and chosen, with layer effects added which contribute to the feeling of the book without being overly distracting. So clearly jock and Hollingsworth’s skills help make the wytches scarier than they might otherwise be, but Snyder’s ideas behind them, the way they move and camouflage themselves are what made them scary to me. The human mind is very adept at seeing patterns and recognising faces and people where there are none – it’s pretty scary to think that instead of imagining things, you’re really seeing hunters waiting to pounce.


Interestingly, as I actually read the comic I didn’t really feel the wytches were all that scary, but the idea of them has played on my mind during the night and today at work – which is not great when you’re going into pitch black rooms in an desolate mansion house with the requisite creaks, groans and feel of isolation. Walking into the dark, knowing you need to keep going to reach the light and feeling the fear creep up your neck as you imagine a hand reaching out to snatch you every second the dark lingers… yeah, I can see those wytches being pretty scary!


Wytches Vol. 1 is a self-contained story, although you are treated to a preview of the second volume at end of the book. There’s also a few pages of jock’s inked pages, colours only pages, some developmental stuff and a few essays by Snyder – the essay for #1 was particularly great.


Overall I have to say I enjoyed Wytches a lot! Snyder is a skillful writer, jock and Hollingsworth created beautiful interiors and I liked some of the ideas the comic explored. If you’re ok with violence or you’re interested in horror comics, I recommend picking this up! My local Forbidden Planet had it for £7.50, which I think was very reasonable!



Webcomics I’ve been into lately

Oh gosh, blog, I’m sorry for ignoring you! I have a couple of things I want to blog about, but no motivation! Currently I’ve been awake too long and so I should probably step away from the keyboard, but I’m determined to get something written here!

I’ve been feeling some real comics love lately, but despite the fact I have months and months of my pull list to catch up on, I’ve been checking out webcomics instead! So I guess it’d be a good idea to let you guys know about some of the best, right?


Hotblood – what if centaurs existed in the Wild West?



Art by Toril, Page from Hotblood

Reasons to love it:

1) Great character interactions – do you like snark? do you like one party being at 300% done with the other? do you like fun? If so, you’re gonna like Hotblood.

2) The art is fantastic! The colour palette is quite restrained, Toril’s style is fairly simple, but still expressive, engaging and very attractive!

3) Seriously, centaurs.


Minor Acts Of Heroism – what if the cutest kids in the history of ever were also the cutest superheroes?



Art by K. Van Dam, from her website.

Reasons to love it:

1) OH. MY. GOD. The art. THE ART. T.H.E. A.R.T. GOD LOOK AT THE ART. ART! No but seriously, this is on the kind of level that professional comic artists should aspire to. It’s so, so, SO gorgeous, I defy you to look at it and not go, “Damn but that is some pretty, pretty shit.” I defy you.

2) Did I mention it’s cute as fuck? Because it’s cute as fuck! Partly that’s down to the art (WHICH IS SO GOOD Y’ALL, SO GOOD), but mostly it’s down to our main characters being amazing babies that I would read all the comics about. If they entire output of Marvel and DC suddenly morphed into chronicaling the daily lives of the kids, I would buy literally every single title. That is how endearing and engaging I find them.

3) Are YOU struggling to find a kid-friendly, diverse and inclusive comic? Well, did you want one for free? Because look no further than M.A.O.H. – it’s got the kind of diversity levels most Big Two comics would kill to have. You could sit down with your tiny human (ok, maybe 10 or 12+) and quite happily work your way through to the current page with nary a qualm either regarding content OR minority inclusion!


Nimona – the world’s worst fantasy supervillain OBVIOUSLY needs a sidekick, right?



Art by Gingerhaze, from the Nimona About page.

Reasons to love it:

1) Well, it’s got actual awards? Like, people who are not me have objectively decided that this comic is fucking awesome, and I can’t say they’re wrong!

2) The plot! God, Nimona started off with a great idea and then got more brilliant as it went! I really dig the worldbuilding, the twists and turns of the plot and kind of everything about it.

3) The characters! Oh my gosh, I love Nimona! I love Ballister! I love Goldenloin! This comic has such great characters and character interactions, it’s really, really entertaining!


The Girl From Hell City – a really cute demon girl kicks butt in Hell City.



Art by StrangelyKatie, from her website.

Reasons to love it:

1) StrangelyKatie’s art is super duper cute, so everything about this comic is super duper cute. It’s just pleasant and lovely, exactly the kind of thing you want to pop up regularly on your RSS feed.

2) The idea behind it is really cool! Humans and demons used to interact! And they built a subway between their cities! And shit happened! So now they’re cut off! And Wendy is a cute demon girl living in Hell City!

3) I really like demons, but I like even more reading them written in non-traditional ways and TGFHC definitely fits the bill!


Princess Princess – the cutest, queerest fairy tale of your dreams!



Art by StrangelyKatie, from the Princess Princess comic.

Reasons to love it:

1) Well, no one can resist subverting tired old prince saves the damsel trope with badass WOC princess saves the super sweet princess, right?

2) It’s a self-contained short, so perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up to revitalise your heart, soul and the squelchy thing that resides beneath your spleen (you know the one, it can’t resist kittens, baby hedgehogs and tiny otters).

3) It’s just so happy, ok? It’s like someone wanted to take a little piece of rainbow and craft it into this beautiful comic, just so there’d be this magnificent piece of art waiting to restore your faith in other people. Read it, and let the smiles burst forth.


So that’s it, for now! Some of my favourite webcomics, with increasingly garbled explanations as to why! Have you read these? Did you like them as much as me? Do you have any recs for webcomics I should be checking out?


Also, I wasn’t entirely sure how to use art for this post – I’m pretty uncomfortable just reposting artwork from people, but equally I’ve done my best to credit and link back, so I hope that’s ok? Er, if you want me to do something different, let me know!

Nine Worlds Geekfest – now with added comics track!


So last year my Mum and I attended Nine Worlds Geekfest in London. Short story, it was so great! It had a wonderful atmosphere, fantastic topics and lovely people! We got home and pretty much immediately bought our tickets for the 2014 event! 

Lately there have been a couple of announcements – one of them being that this year is going to have a discussion track about comics!

Yeah, you can guess how excited I am! Fantastic convention talking about my favourite things? Hell yeah!

So I got in contact with them and volunteered (which is a big deal for me! I’m not all that shy and retiring when it comes to adding my 2p in panels, but being on one? SO scary)! Having had a couple of emails back and forth with Hazel, I can safely say I am now supremely excited! Talking about comics! In a venue open to discussing problematic aspects! A wide variety of topics! The chance to cull recs from all and sundry!

If you think you’d like to come to a really inclusive con with a huge array of discussion tracks, you should really check out Nine Worlds! It’s in August and takes place in Heathrow 🙂 The website isn’t fully updated to reflect the 2014 con yet, but apparently announcements and such are happening soon!

And if you’re interested in comics, then the organisers have a Tumblr and Twitter. (I’d actually rec their personal Tumblrs too! Both are pretty cool! piratemoggy and alwaysalreadyangry)

(I’d apologise for ending nearly every sentence with a ! but uh, srynotsry)

Some December Favourites

Wow, it’s been a bit long between updates! I’d meant to be a more regular blogger, but I’ve been distracted!

So for the past couple of months, I’ve come across a few things I’ve really enjoyed and I figured – why not share the love?


Rat Queens by Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurh is a monthly comic coming out from Image. I’ve really enjoyed the first three issues! The art is some of the best currently out there, IMO. The characters are a huge amount of fun – Wiebe is proving that you can have a badass comic with a ton of action, violence and intrigue and do it all with a main female cast! Rat Queens is the kind of unabashed, stylish fun that only comics can do. If you’re near a comic shop, pick it up! And if you aren’t, consider buying it online!


The Hobbit: Extended Edition – I demanded this for my birthday (and didn’t get it! I had to spend my own money on it! The horror!). I really, really enjoyed The Hobbit when it came out in cinemas (moreso than LotR, as I find Frodo the wettest hen ever), I’ve rewatched it tons of times since it came out on DVD/Blu-Ray and I was a bit iffy about spending out for another Blu-Ray version of it… but I’m glad I did! I’m  one of those people who can’t get enough behind the scenes stuff – I love learning about the creative process behind films, especially about films with Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner and Graham McTavish! Swoon! If you’re like me and enjoy Hobbit fandom and the nitty-gritty details, then I wholeheartedly suggest getting this!

99505m_z 84130m_z

Recently I’ve popped into Body Shop, initially to grab a (sadly discontinued!) tinted lipbalm. I couldn’t get that, but I’ve ended up with some really lovely eye-shadows! The do single colour palettes (£7), baked palettes (£10) and things called shimmer cubes (£16)- 4 shimmery shades. In store, they have a great deal where you can get a shimmer palette (£16), eye-liner (£9), mascara (£10) and eye-shadow brush (£9) – for £20! Considering the price of each item individually and the quality of the product, I think this is an unbeatable deal! I’ve found that the shimmer colours don’t have a super high amount of pigmentation, but if you apply them wet, they’ll obviously come out brighter, applied dry they are still shimmery and beautiful. Over a primer, they seem to last really well! Here are my disembodied eyes after 9 or so hours:

     20131209_200747 this was obviously using the minty green palette! It’s lasted very well, IMO. It’s over a L’Oreal primer, with L’Oreal’s 24 hr tattoo shadow in gold underneath it all.

Of their eye-shadows, I’ve also nabbed 605 Sweet Pea, which is a pretty pearlescent green and 310 Berry Cheeky, which is a bright pink. Of their baked palettes, I’ve bought 07 Sapphire, which is blue and black, 04 Quartz, which is a pink and black and 06, Starlight which is a bright silver and black. You might have guessed, I really like eye-shadow! I also really like that currently Body Shop is having a 50% off sale! It ends tomorrow, but they seem to be having them a lot lately, so keep your eyes open if you’re interested!


Moon and Star earrings from Asos, £6. I bought these on a whim, because I really love crescent moon and star motifs, and these are so, so pretty! They’re not too big, so they’re very easy to wear and the dangling stars don’t get tangled in my hair or caught on scarves. They’re quite simple and yet they work well and add a little bit of interest to your ears. For such a small pair, I think they have a big impact and they add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. They’re also perfect stocking fillers, if you’re stuck for some jewellery ideas (plus Asos has lovely speedy shipping, so you’re still in time for ordering)!


Black Glitter Velvet 3/4 Sleeve Dress from New Look. I’m cheating a bit here, since I’ve had this since late October, but I thought I’d better throw a dress in here! This is an utterly gorgeous dress! It fits really nicely (except, the sleeves are a bit awkward and tend to roll up slightly), the fabric is nice and thick for winter, and the holographic sparklies are so pretty! If you like a gothic touch in your wardrobe, you couldn’t do worse than this dress – especially as it’s a steal at £22.99! There are so many lovely dresses out now in time for party season and I haven’t seen this one mentioned anywhere! It must have slipped under the radar, but I think this pretty, comfortable and affordable dress is something everyone should be looking at!

I have to be honest, the second I saw the glitter velvet dress, I swooned and broke my clothes-buying ban! But who can blame me? Just look at it!


Annd let’s end on Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff! I have mentioned DDatTL on this blog before, but I’ve only recently bought the paper version. Ugh, you guys. IT’S STILL AMAZING. This is one of the most fun comics I’ve ever read, Cliff’s art style is fantastic, Delilah and Selim are wonderful characters and it’s one of those awesome comics that grown-ups enjoy, but is totally suitable for younger readers (about 12+ I’d say, there’s some violence!). If you were looking for a way to introduce someone to comics, this title would be a great way to do it! I bought my copy from Amazon, for £7.69.

Have you guys got anything you’ve particularly enjoyed over the last month?

Review: Three #1

I know, two posts within hours of each other?  What did you do to deserve such a bounty?

Anyway, I’ve just finished reading Three #1, written by Kieron Gillen, art by Ryan Kelly, colours by Jordie Bellaire, lettering by Clayton Cowles, published by Image Comics.

Spoilers ahead! Also trigger warnings for violence, blood and ableism!


Continue reading

She-Hulk was going to pitch woo in WHAT??

Lately I’ve been catching up on the Marvel title FF – the Fantastic Four have gone off adventuring, leaving an interim team of Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa and Darla Deering to look after the Fantastic Four’s HQ and the Future Foundation kids that live there. It is an excellent title, and I recommend it if you want some really cute and fun comics!

In one issue, Jen goes on a date (or to pitch woo, as the moloids put it!) and she turns up wearing this outfit:


Oh dear! I know this comic has a certain retro kind of style, but that dress and those shoes are the wrong kind of retro!

My issues with the dress:

1) The low-scoop neckline with no sleeves is a very iffy look, for it to work here, I think there needs to be a necklace.

2) It’s too short! A maxi-dress like that shouldn’t end above her ankles, by doing so it cuts her off and makes her look like she can’t shop for herself.

3) Those shoes are so, SO ugly! They’re 90’s in a very bad way. Platforms are ok. Open toe sandals are ok. Bows are iffy but can be ok. All three together? Well, those shoes are NOT ok! Although I love that Jen is the kind of woman who’s like 7’11 and still wears heels.

3) An envelope clutch can work? But not when it doesn’t match anything else.

4) That shawl, whilst matching her nails, shoe-bows and lipstick is just kind of… there. It’s pretty sad.


SO rather than JUST complain, I tried to give Jen some different dresses that might suit her better! (Forgive my so-so drawing skills!)


1) Still a black maxi-dress, still a split in the front. However, it’s longer and it’s more up-to-date with a chiffon overlay + sleeves. I also chose a pill-shaped gold clutch and gold necklace. I tried to keep the sandal look going, but with t-bars rather than bows…


2) Something a little different! She-Hulk always makes me think of purple, so natch her dress had to be a dark purple colour. The top was meant to look a bit like some of the embroidery that’s been popular recently. I thought the cut was a little more mature and suited the stylish lawyer that Jen is during the day. Blue booties, an envelope clutch that isn’t QUITE so out of place, and a big statement bangle are the accessories for this one.


3) I don’t know if this isn’t a little too corporate-goth? But I wanted a evening dress that wasn’t black, didn’t have a flowing skirt, and echoed the thigh-high split in the original. So this military, asymetric pencil dress was what I came up with. I hoped the shawl-collar would be reminiscent of the retro style of the comics. Some red ankle boots and a clutch with her new team’s logo on, plus some darker hair and make up finish up this third date outfit 🙂

Uh, and I can’t draw shoes for toffee, but this was fun! Anyone else have any other ideas for what she could have chosen? What might you wear on a date if you were a super-powered lawyer?

Comics coming off the pull-list.

So I  guess that title may not make much sense to those of you who aren’t big comic readers, so first, a brief explanation!

Some people collect comics by creating a “pull-list” – this is a list that your comics’ retailer uses to reserve copies of comics for you (kind of like pre-ordering a book!). As comics are now in the physical and digital domain, my pull-list is for use in the brick-and-mortar store where I buy physical copies of my comics. Pull-lists are useful because comics are obviously a serialised form of fiction and they generally come out monthly, and I may not get into the store before they sell out of the title I want. (Well, I rarely go into the store, my little brother does and we share a pull-list! This is good because a) my paycheque frequently runs out halfway through the month and I can owe my little brother the money and b) when I get into a comic shop, I tend to spend way more than I ever intend to!)

Having said that, I will occasionally cancel titles or a series will come to an end, so those things come off the pull-list. I thought I’d give you all a few mini-reviews on the things I’m no longer collecting! These will be spoilery, so watch out for that!

Batman And Robin – by Peter Tomasi (writer) and Patrick Gleason (artist), published by DC Comics.


I have greatly enjoyed this series! I love Tomasi’s writing and Gleason’s art, and they work really well together as a team. I was wary of this series initially – I loved the pre-reboot series and adored Dick Grayson as Batman – but as I read it, I came to see how fantastic this title is. The dynamic between Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne is played out very well, and it was a joy to see them grow together as father and son, to see how they interact as family. The initial story-arc was incredible, Tomasi’s writing was on top form and Gleason’s art supported and illustrated that beautifully. I think it was unfortunate that the comic was forced to tie-in to two other Bat-title events – Night of the Owls and Death of the Family, as I felt most of Tomasi’s strengths laid in writing issues that stood on their own, or story-lines not tied into the wider Bat-range. Still, the comics leading up to #18 were all of a good quality and I’d happily recommend them to anyone interested in these characters.

And then. Then we had Batman Inc. #8. One of the two main characters of B&R is killed – and not even in his own comic!

So we come to B&R #18 with Damian Wayne dead, and Bruce going through the stages of grief over his son. If you ever needed evidence that Bruce Wayne is deeply, deeply fucked up, then look no further than these issues. Some are better than others – indeed, B&R #18 and #23 are both a masterclass in how to gutpunch your readers into tears (#18 doesn’t even have any dialogue!), but the introduction of Carrie Kelly in #19 feels forced and it’s an unfortunate mis-step to include her at this point, I think. Overall though, B&R has been consistently brilliant, with Tomasi’s stories and characterisations spot-on and Gleason’s art is accomplished, interesting and in near-perfect sync with Tomasi’s stories.

You may wonder why I’m giving up this title, when I can’t seem to praise it enough – well, I don’t care for Carrie Kelly (yet! I could be convinced!) and I have practically zero-interest in a Bat-title that doesn’t include Damian. Depending on how well others like it, I may pick it up in trade format, but for my money, B&R ends with #23 and it ends on a high.



Aquaman – by Geoff Johns (writer) and Ivan Reis, Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, and Art Thibert (artists), published by DC Comics



Cover to Aquaman #6

Aquaman was a title that I bought mostly on a whim – I like the idea of Aquaman, but he’s not a character I was particularly familiar with. The previews made Arthur look hot (yep, I’m that shallow!) and Mera (Arthur’s wife, pre-reboot, now they’re apparently not married? But they are still in a committed, long term relationship) seemed to have a big role to play, which I am all about.

Geoff Johns’ writing has been a lot of fun and he’s mostly had interesting ideas to tell. The longer story-arcs have largely been interesting enough to keep me buying, although I’m not normally a fan of super-long story events nor am I particularly invested in The Others, which is a group of super-heroes Arthur was with in the past and who have been making reappearances. As the comic moved away from the surface world and included more of Atlantis and its politics, I started to lose interest. I’m only capable of caring about royal intrigue for a small amount of time, apparently!

Still, the writing and art have all been competent, and were the series to move away from politics and have some more standalone issues, I’d probably return to it, although the writer is about to change. Overall, I’d say this has been a fun comic with great art. Arthur is a character I’m definitely more interested in, and if Mera got her own series, I would snap it up in a heartbeat! I definitely think if you get a chance, you should thumb through a few copies of the trade and see if it’s for you!


Red She-Hulk – by Jeff Parker (writer) and Carlo Pagualyan, Jana Shirmer and Francesco Francavilla (artists), published by Marvel Comics



Cover to Red She-Hulk #2 (Hulk #59)

Firstly – Red She-Hulk is a standalone title that only lasted for 10 issues, but if you look at the cover or Marvel’s website, it begins with issue #58 and ends on issue #67 – this is because before it became Betty Ross’ (the Red She-Hulk) title, it was for a different Hulk (the other red Hulk? IDK), and so the main character changed but the numbering system did not. Don’t ask me why.

Anyway! I was pretty sad to see this title end, because there is a dire lack of leading female characters in the big-two’s output right now and also because it’s an awesome series! The story involves shady organisations and a world computer called the Terranometer, Betty Ross fighting against an awful future she saw in a vision given to her by a little girl and a machine man named Aaron Stack. Yes, all of those things are ridiculous and yes, there are even sillier things throughout the series.

Much of the storyline revolves around Betty trying to prevent the future she saw, but luckily Parker doesn’t just focus on that, this story has plenty of other elements and little side adventures to help keep the pace going strong. I’m a big fan of Betty Ross and Aaron Stack, both of whom I’ve read in other titles, and as the series progressed we also had the appearance of Jen Walters (the cousin of the original Hulk, Bruce Banner and a She-Hulk herself) and Man-Thing as regular characters. Man-Thing I’ve never heard of, but Jen Walters is a character I would wade through Hell to read about, so this was an event that excited me! You can therefore imagine my disappointment that this title only lasted 10 issues, and ended on the idea of a team formed out of the above four characters! (the wailing you hear? Me.) Alas. Still, the 10 issues we did get were pretty awesome and included a lot of action and adventure, the art was pretty great throughout and this is a series I’d recommend picking up in TPB if you get the opportunity!


Gambit – by James Asmus (writer) and Clay Mann + various (artists), published by Marvel Comics


Cover to Gambit #15

Gambit’s been my favourite X-Man since I watched the cartoons as a child, so of course I had to pick up his solo title! It’s been fairly good, although not quite as fun-packed or interesting as I’d have hoped!

Mostly this series revolves around Remy’s issues about leaving his roots as a thief behind and carrying on as a hero – he’s pretty conflicted about it and misses the rush. The first storyline to arise out of this was interesting – but I think Asmus dragged it out too long, and the emotional climax didn’t hit as hard as it should have done, because it took too long to get to the point. Still, it had a few high points, and a few of the issues weren’t directly related to the overarching storyline, which helped to keep my interest going.

As the first storyline finished and we moved onto new ones, I think the pace really picked up and the series was a lot of fun to read. As the series came to the end, we were introduced to a new story – Remy’s dad comes back and wants Gambit to head the Thieves’ Guild. I’m pretty glad that the series ended when it did, because it meant we didn’t have to spend too long on what I thought would end up another bloated, boring arc.

Although I don’t regret buying this title, I think if it hadn’t been cancelled at #17, I would have dropped it soon anyway, as the extended storylines and Gambit deciding to be more of a thief than a hero didn’t excite me very much. Interestingly, the issues where Gambit does reveal his heroic side were the ones that worked the best for me! Those, and the shower scenes (we got two!). If you like Gambit, and want a series that has him being really cool in it, and has recurring female characters that are more than love interests, you should check out X-23 – he’s a supporting character in it, but it’s one of my favourite versions of him! Links to where to get it are in my about page.


Peter Panzerfaust – by Kurtis J Wiebe (writer) and Tyler Jenkins (artist), published by Image Comics


Cover to Peter Panzerfaust #11

Peter Panzerfaust is an interesting title – it’s sort of Peter Pan retold in a WWII setting, but then again… not. It starts out with Peter (an American boy) helping the lost boys (French orphans) to escape Calais, and then rockets along from there. There’s action, intrigue and plenty of adventure to go around. This is a title I really wanted to be excited by, and it’s certainly got some great storytelling going on! Wiebe is an accomplished writer and although Jenkins’ isn’t my favourite art style, he’s still a very good artist. However, I found myself drifting from this title and could never get quite as enthusiastic about it as I wanted to. It’s certainly very good, and if you’re into war or action stories, you should absolutely be checking the TPB’s out! It gets consistently high praise all over the internet, and I can see why! It just, unfortunately, doesn’t work well enough for me to keep spending money on it.


So there you go, the five titles that have come off of my pull-list, as of September (well, alright, Red She-Hulk ended in July, but it took me so long to get around to catching up on my reading I didn’t notice until September!). Have any of you read them? What did you think?