If only Asos had loyalty reward schemes

I got paid! So I bought shit! I know, I know, you’re all very surprised that I’m putting up yet another “look at my outrageous spending habit” post.

Now that you’ve recovered from the shock, here’s some of my favourite latest purchases (not all from Asos!).

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Dream Capsule Wardrobe

So on Twitter I mentioned that I was once again daydreaming about how great it’d be to get rid of my entire wardrobe and start again from scratch. If I had that chance, I’d definitely be channelling my inner-witch – maybe the kind that sets you on a path of pain and destruction, or the kind that makes cakes and puts little spells in each slice, or the kind that enchants her social-circle and rules as a queen of suburbia.

And with that in mind, I decided to window-shop and see what kind of wardrobe I could come up with from the things which are currently on sale. I tried my best to be honest about what I’d like and what I would actually wear, so it’s perhaps not as overtly supernatural as it could be, but I like to think the witchy overtones are there! I also tried to choose a mix of comfortable and casual and slightly more formal and dressy.

I tried to keep myself to three items per type, so three dresses, three skirts, etc. I mostly succeeded!


Sprinkled Splendor Dress | Sights to Season Dress | T-Shirt Dress w/ Woven Pockets

Dresses are probably the main staple of my wardrobe, so to choose three was difficult, but I decided to go for shapes and designs that were simple and striking. I wanted to chose dresses that were interesting and playful, without being overly-costumey. I also particularly love the Sights to Season dress as it reminds me of an outfit I wore for Halloween when I was little (a fire-witch!), but it’s mature and beautiful enough to wear day-to-day.


Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan | Ladder Stitch Jumper | Airport Greeting Cardigan

For cardigans I tried to find tops that were interesting in either shape or texture and that would add warmth without being overly bulky or boring. I love the deconstructed look of the Ladder Stitch Jumper and the interesting drapery of the Airport Greeting Cardigan, but the reason I chose the Story Cardigan is that it is such a lovely, warm colour and I know from cardigans that I already own, that a traditional knitted cardigan goes with most things and is absolutely the cosiest, which would obvs be important to witches communing with nature in the middle of cold forests!


Spook Your Mind Tee | Picture Window Top | Top of the Classic

In terms of tops, I tried to look for things that would be comfortable and a little bit spooky but that weren’t clichés. I adore skulls and interesting designs, but if I were to chose only 3 tops to wear, I know that I’d like to go for designs that aren’t too busy or likely to fall out of style in the next 2 minutes. That’s why I felt an all-over print of a skull (and yes, I did have to include at least one!) worked better than many of the smaller print ones, especially as I can be quite fussy about sizing and placement of smaller designs. I like the radiating lines of the Picture Window top, and also the more subtle take on the current trend of mesh and see-through panels. Finally the crushed green velvet top is just gorgeous, both colour and cut, and just something I could see a well-to-do witch of means wearing.


Rainbow Metallic Full Skirt | Mesh Tiered Skirt | Jukebox DJ Jumper

I have to be honest, choosing skirts was the hardest part of this! The styles I normally prefer weren’t quite as abundant as they have been, but luckily I found these! The first is just so beautiful, I could in no way resist it! It’s made of spandex and has pockets! POCKETS! Aaah! The Mesh skirt is one that I think would look beautiful with all of the tops above, but it also looks comfortable AND swishy, which is a win in my books. The jumper is more of a departure from my normal style, but the cut is just gorgeous and the colour is fantastic, I can see it working very will in many different situations.


Pleated Leggings | Fresh Take Leggings in Galaxy | Exclusive Legging in Lace

With the leggings, I tried to balance my love of interesting leggings with ones that would actually work with everything else I’ve chosen. Both the Pleated and Lace leggings were chosen because I think they’ll go with anything, but they’re still comfortable and beautiful. The Fresh Take were chosen because… well… look at them! They’re fantastic! Any witch would be glad to slip them on!

witchybootsLeather Biker Boots | Mirror Shift 8-Eye Boots | Embellished Leather Ankle Boots | Darwin Worker Boots

So like I said, for most things I tried to curtail my wandering eye to three items, but if you expect me to choose between all these beautiful, stompy boots, then you vastly overestimate me. I just love all of these! They’re interesting, comfortable and I feel confident that if at any time I were called upon to kick a meddling knight from here to next Tuesday, these boots would give me that ability! When one is a witch that embraces conference with dark powers, it is essential one has footwear that enables one to run the fuck away from assorted zombies, demons and evangelists.

And there we have it! My dream capsule wardrobe for channelling my inner-witch! Do you like my choices? What sort of look would you go for if you had a restricted wardrobe?

(PS assuming everything were in stock in my size, and excluding shipping, this only comes to ~£935! Anyone have that lying around spare?)

Summer Splurging

(sorry I’ve neglected you, blog! I’ve just been distracted!)

So I guess I have a lot to talk about on here – I’ve gotten a new job, finished my OU courses for this academic year, I’ve been to a con and was on a panel, and I’ve got my schedule (ooh, fancy!) for two more cons this year!

Instead, this is just a brief post to show off the new things I’ve splashed out on!

As Summer is struggling to make itself known, I’ve been growing a little sick of my wardrobe. There’s so much in it, but very little that actually excites me! I’m going to do a thorough clean out soon, but that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of a few reductions on ASOS. I didn’t go for anything too spectacular, but instead for things that are going to be comfortable and that I’m not going to get sick of within two seconds flat!



New Look Skater Dress – £9

Blue isn’t a huge colour in my wardrobe, but I think this bright colour should suit me fairly well! And if it doesn’t, it should still be comfortable as a nightie, haha.



Alice & You Chambray Swing Dress – £15

So I’m not into blue denim, and I’m even LESS into washed out light blue denim, but I think the style of this will suit me and it should (hopefully!) be super comfortable! And if I just can’t stand the colour, there’s always dye! You never know, I may yet be converted on the colour.


ASOS Curve Skater Skirt With Pockets – £11

In my new job I’m actually allowed to wear skirts (hallelujah!) and I’ve been looking for a new one that would be suitable, so I’m really crossing my fingers that this one fits the bill. The pockets especially should be useful, as it’s become too hot to wear my fleece and my trousers (naturally) don’t have pockets D= Anyway, my only worry is that this may not look great with my work issued polo-shirt, but we’ll see!


ASOS Curve Matte Legging – £12

I’m still in love with textured leggings, so when I saw these on sale, you know I had to go for them! I actually sized up, since I’ve found that matte or wet look leggings tend to be just too tight when I buy them  in my regular size, so I’m hoping that these will fit well and won’t be too loose…


ASOS Cure High Waisted Legging in Textured Stripe – £15

So I’m pretty excited about these! I love stripy things, but thick coloured stripes often make me look supes ridic, so I’m hoping that these more subtle leggings will be good! I’m also a fan of high waisted things, but I’m not sure if that’s because my mum’s croaking shriek of “Think of your kidneys! Don’t let them get cold!” is forever echoing about the brainpan, or if I just like the style. Truly, a dilemma for the ages (not!)


ASOS Curve Semi Precious Nugget Ring – £7

Whilst I’m deeply put off by the name ‘nugget’, I’m still into this ring! I love chunky rings, and on the website it seems like this might be lapis lazuli, which I’m allll about! Even if it isn’t, who could pass up such a pretty ring for such a nice price!


So that’s my latest splurge! I’ve mostly been very good about not buying too much – partly there’s been very little out there that I’d actually like to wear and partly my new job is a fair paycut from the last one, so I’ve been trying to save, but I saw these on sale and before I knew it, they were in my basket! Oops?

What I might wear…

…if I were a Ravenclaw!

And it’s the last of these Harry Potter themed picks! Aren’t we glad?

Ravenclaw is probably the hardest house to do – navy blue isn’t too hard to find, but bronze isn’t really a popular colour right now. Ah well! For this I went for a fairly simple outfit, because if I were a Ravenclaw I’d want an easy outfit to throw on before I hit the books!



From L-R

Boots: Jeffrey West Lightning Chelsea Boots

Belt: Kenzo Eye Belt

Necklace: New Look Flying Eagle Necklace

Jumper: Samya Navy Stud Mesh Knit Jumper

Cami: Asos Curve Soft Jersey Vest

T-Shirt: Asos Curve Jersey Top with Dip Back

Jeans: Koko Snakeskin Jeans

(sorry I forgot to number things this time! It’s kind of late, and I’m quite tired!)

What do you think? Was simple and stylish a good way to end this series of posts? And would you like me to do something similar again?

Pay Day Splurge!

So I got paid yesterday~ Hooray! And with nearly all my Christmas presents bought, I thought it might just be time for  a little shopping for myself! (As if I don’t spend most of my pay cheque on ME anyway!) I may, possibly, have been a leeeettle bit over generous on myself… maybe…

I saw Shainna’s awesome Fall Fashion Faceoff post here (in fact I’ve just discovered her blog, and it is AH-MAY-ZING), and was reminded of Pink Clove’s super fucking cute plaid skirt and thought, I have GOT to get that! Alas, they don’t have it any more! Well, what’s a girl to do except buy the lace skater skirt and gold velvet peplum top, eh?


And then I just couldn’t stop! I headed over to Asos and was thoroughly tempted by so much stuff in their Christmas sale, but despite craving this navy sequin dress like no one’s business, I eventually went for the really pretty gold foil midi dress. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll wear on its own (still not up to conquering my fear of VBL quite yet!) but it’s gonna look so great under my batwing skull cut out dress (this was just a DIY of an old batwing jumper/dress from Evans). I also nabbed the super dipped hem t-shirt and the mesh cut out leggings.

goldbodycon image1xxl (2) image4xxl

I also headed over to Simply Be because they used to carry the bras I like to wear – Gok Wan’s Banger Booster, but it seems like they haven’t got them in my size anymore?? Which is a real shame! Instead I picked up some really cute lacy ones and also checked out their Feel Good Essentials site, where I fell in love with the OPI Mariah Carey Ski Slope Sweetie shade. I’ve been looking for a good white nail varnish, since the one I have is for tips on French Manicure styles, and so it’s too thick to be really good for all-over nail application but this OPI one looks SO CUTE, plus I’ve heard such good things about the brand, that I decided to check it out! Even if it IS ridiculously expensive, for a nail varnish!

f01fq697003shuge nq219_p1006943huge

So, what do you guys think? Have you been splashing out on anything recently?

What I might wear…

…if I were a Slytherin!

Guess what! It’s time for poorly made collages featuring clothes I would wear if I were a member of a fictional wizarding school! Hell yeah! (oh, that’s 5 points from Slytherin for bad language, eek!)

In one way, Slytherin is a fun house to do – nice green plus size clothing is relatively easy to find. In another way, it’s a bit of a bugger (another 5 points!), because whilst silver is used sometimes, it’s not particularly common, and especially not in styles that fit in with what I was trying to do. I tried to avoid using grey as a substitute, but I couldn’t entirely get around it, alas. Also I gave up on subtlety and put in a few snakey bits of jewellery!



1. Diamond Snake Ring – £6594.07

2.  Green Rhinestone Heart Clasp Bracelet – £10.00

3. Blackened Brass Swarovski Crystal Snake Necklace – £810.00

4. Skater Skirt in Leather – £85.00

5. Under The Sunflowers Cardigan in Terrace – £21.50

6. Obey Venom Single Ring – £14.70

7. Earn Your Pinstripes Tights –  £18.40

8. Grey Diamante Gem Cuff – £6.99

9. Underground Blitz Pewter Winklepicker – £109.00

I have to admit, this is probably the closest to a look that I would wear out and about anyway – quite feminine, but with some badass touches here and there. Because I’m doing Slytherin, I didn’t shy away so much from expensive clothes and accessories – I’m not saying Slytherin is FULL of pureblood rich wizards, but if I’m pretending I’m one of them, I’m sure as hell gonna pretend I’m a rich witch.

Man, if only I really had £15204.93 to spend on clothes!


So I don’t know if anyone who reads this blog was also on Twitter last night (who am I kidding, everyone who reads this was on Twitter last night, lbr). There was a really great discussion happening on the #fatmicroaggressions tag. The tag was basically people posting the hostilities and aggressions that happen to them because they’re fat. As you can imagine, although ‘micro’ was in the tag, these frequently became statements about issues that were hardly small.

Before I go on, if you DO go check out the tag, be aware of body hate, sexism, racism and ableism.

I will get on to talk about the content of the tag in a moment, but I wanted to bring up something else that came out of the tag. The term microaggression was coined by Chester M Pierce, with regards to discussions of race (wiki link here). Thanks to @definatalie for pointing this out and bringing up the fact that fat activism can co-opt words without much reflection and @ashleymoreass for mentioning it too!.  As a white person, I’m pretty uncomfortable taking the term to describe my white problems. This may seem ridiculous to some – but when a term is used/created specifically to describe actions by a privileged group of which I am a part, I don’t think it’s silly to take time to consider whether or not my privilege means I should be finding another term.

@ellie_mint pointed out that although we may have been introduced to the term as one to do with race issues, it has in the past been used for a variety of social justice situations, which is also stated in the wiki entry on it. I don’t take issue with this – I literally only learned the term and its history last night (SO I AM CLEARLY AN EXPERT!), it’s definitely a useful term because it makes clear that prejudices aren’t always violent attacks, but little things (which of course add up cumulatively to massive things). Being so unfamiliar with the term and any discourse around it, I’m still unsure whether it’s a term I would use if I were to start a similar tag – I really don’t know the right answer.

And of course, me and other white people taking issue over whether or not we’re sure it’s the best tag to use doesn’t really take into account that fat isn’t just a white thing, there are plenty of fat POC who added to that discussion. And considering fat activism can be pretty white at times, that is a really positive aspect of last night  that we should be making sure is encouraged, welcomed and listened to. Us white people wringing our hands over appropriate terminology may make sense in our own, personal use, but when we come together as a community the rights or wrongs of it certainly get a bit more murky. Also, as @ZAmmi points out – to assume that my use of the term is taking away from other people could be construed as me having a massive overestimation of my own importance. And whilst we all know I’m a totes a BNF in the SJ world, they do have a point – I may be over thinking this… a hint…

To be honest, I still don’t have an answer to this. The tag had already started by the time I saw it and joined in, I don’t know enough about the history of the word, I don’t know how the tag started (ETA apparently Melissa McEwan started it!) and it also isn’t just about white fatties.

And that leads me on to the actual content of the tag. You guys, I think it is so, so important for us to have discussions like these – not just to educate any people unfamiliar with fat activism on why it’s necessary, but because shared experiences are so important for building and maintaining our community. Some of the things that people were tweeting left me sitting in my chair pointing weakly at screen, knowing just what they meant.

With the lack of posts on the fatshionista LJ comm and falling out of the blogging circles a bit, I sometimes forget how much support from the fat activist community has helped me. I would never be as happy and content as I am now, I would still be stuck in a toxic circle of self hate and doubt. I’m so happy to see that the conversations that helped me come to love myself (and indeed set me on the path to understanding feminism and social justice!) are still going on, and taking place in new venues! I think Twitter is a great venue for sharing some experiences – obviously there are many things that don’t fit into 140 characters, but these tweets encapsulate some of the things that happen to us and also invite conversation and understanding. I’m so glad that this tag happened and that I got to see and join in!

Bustle.com has selected 10 of the most revealing tweets here, but I think if you have the time, you should check out the rest of the tag.

I know I’m not writing a super amount about the tag content – I honestly think it stands for itself and you should be checking it out! There are still some additions going on but it seems to have slowed down for now.

There’s a storify here

Or you can read it on Twitter here

Did you join in? Did you see any Tweets that really resonated with you? Does anyone else need a hug after being reminded of the hurtful shit that flies our way (I ask because I really do ;a;!)?