Life: It plods along

Oh gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I had meant to post a Nine Worlds review (I had fun on my panels, loved talking to people and making new or stronger friendships, feel increasingly like actual con-going fandom is not really a reflection of me or my interests but I can’t resist the people in it), I’d meant to post a few clothes hauls, I’d meant to talk about the films I’ve seen.

But I haven’t done any of those things, and frankly it’s ridiculous to procrastinate from my own blog! I’m pretty sure not a one of you really cares what I post up here, or whether anyone is overly fussed if there’s another post here or not. And frankly, that’s pretty freeing!

I guess here’s an update on my hair colour (even though I’m gonna change it next week, not sure what to!)


So anyway, I feel like I’m coming into a period of change – my seasonal job at the National Trust is over for another year, and I had an absolutely fantastic time! It was a job which mainly involved being an welcoming and friendly person for 15 hours a week, which, if anyone has met me, is so obviously my jam! It’s also been a great confidence builder and has really improved my social interaction skills.

Skills which I put into use at the the i’s fifth birthday party! (for those not in the know, the i is the digest version of the Independant newspaper. It has a great puzzles and crossword page!) Mum had scored us tickets, so we dutifully went down to that London (with a stop at Whitby for the Sunday of the goth weekend!), dressed in our glad rags and drank some free wine. I chatted to complete strangers, including the Independent and Evening Standard’s economic commentator. It was a lovely evening, in a lovely setting.

Currently I’m waiting to start a new temp job – my local Marks & Sparks and trying to use the time in an academically sensible way. I’m only partially succeeding, but I have submitted my first assignment for my latest and last OU Module – Literature From Shakespeare to Austen. I don’t know how good this assignment is, but my fingers are crossed that overall I’ll be able to scrounge up a 2:1 for this course, as it’ll mean I gain a 2:1 overall for the degree, which will be an asset for the latest decision I’ve come to…

For a long time I’ve felt as though my future has been drifting aimlessly and that I’ve had very little control of where I may end up. I just haven’t felt equipped to come to any kind of decision about any career to go for or education to attain… But recently that’s changed! I’ve decided that I’m going to go on to get an MA (if my marks allow me), preferably in Early Modern English Literature. I’d like to be a teacher, eventually.

And if all that falls through and I’m unable to get the marks I want, then I guess it’s another year of seasonal National Trust work as I figure out some new path. I do feel more comfortable though – the careers I want are either educational or within the heritage industry, and now that I know that, I can work towards those goals. I don’t feel so lost anymore, which, after nearly 27 years, is pretty great!

And before I go, one moment of blatant consumerism. After seeing these beautiful chocolate knee-boots on Naomi of Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls, I had to get a pair for myself! But brown is a rare sight in my wardrobe, so I grabbed some black ones!


Sole Diva Cowboy Boots –  £55, Simply Be.

Now, to me, these are expensive boots, although I will grant that they are eminently reasonable for what they are. I got the 9EEE Extra Curvy Plus fit and they fit me alright – my calves are about 5-10mm too large, but they will go on (the ankles are a hint baggy and the boots are not quite as high as they might otherwise be), however I knew that might be a problem when I purchased them as the size guide is pretty accurate. Still, I’m very happy with them! They look good on, the heel isn’t too high for me (I’m not a heel wearer!) and I can’t wait for an opportunity to wear them! As a bit of a statement purchase, I have to say I’m pleased!

How is everyone else?


If only Asos had loyalty reward schemes

I got paid! So I bought shit! I know, I know, you’re all very surprised that I’m putting up yet another “look at my outrageous spending habit” post.

Now that you’ve recovered from the shock, here’s some of my favourite latest purchases (not all from Asos!).

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Asos Haul(s)

So I figured since I keep buying stuff from Asos (including a premier membership [cos free next day delivery for a year? at £9.95? yes please!]), it was time to post up a little haul of things I’ve bought! These are going right back to last October, so er, some things may not be available still, but I shall link what I can 🙂


Asos Curve Leather Skater Skirt – it was in green, but unfortunately they only have blue left on the site. It was £25, down from £85, which I think’s a bargain!


Anchor and Chains Bracelet – £8 – I do like this bracelet, but the clasp is a pain to get on and it kept catching on things and the chains pulled off, meaning I had to keep reattaching the chains. It’s a bit frustrating, because I love the size of the charm, but everything else is irritating, haha.


Asos Curve Batwing Top – £15 – This top is so comfortable, which is great, since I bought it for work. It’s a gentle batwing shape, so there’s no swooping about like Batman in it, but it allows for very easy movement. I think the gentle draping and wider bottom band is pretty flattering, too.


And just to prove I don’t solely buy from Asos – Simply Be Cowl Neck Cable Tunic – £18. Also bought for work! Alas, it’s actually too warm, but it looks nice anyway. I love cowl necks like this – they’re very warm and flattering, but surprisingly I can’t stand other types of high-neck.


New Look Inspire Lace Top – £13 – I bought this because I grabbed the black version whilst in my local New Look (and when they still had the Inspire section in stores), and it’s such a comfortable, pretty top that I needed it in purple too! This cut is one I think is very flattering to many shapes and figures, and it’s a great weight of jersey for spring/summer (…and autumn/winter too, if you like cardigans).


Alice And You Cargo Trousers – £32 (!!!!) – Bought these for work! First time buying actual trousers in about 18 months, and I’m happy to say that these ones work much better for me than that last pair! They fit me fairly well, although the waistband isn’t as high as I’d like and they do slip down a lot. I think I’ll add some more elastic to the waistband, and that should sort that! Normally I’d be pissed that something that cost this much doesn’t fit well, but since I gave up trousers years ago for that very reason, I’m not surprised! They’re otherwise very comfortable.


Asos Curve Skater Dress with Sweetheart Neck – £22 – another purchase for work! This dress is so incredibly comfortable! It’s just the right length on me (hits my knees, I’m ~5′ 7″) and both the neckline and the swing in the skirt are super flattering, IMO. Very pleased with this! Definitely worth actually paying full price, lmao (although it’s only £2 above my ‘no-things-above-£20-unless-it’s-spectacular-or-necessary’ rule).


Asos Curve V-Neck Long-Sleeve Top in Baby Rib – £14 – surprise surprise, another top bought for work! I don’t actually wear it very often though, I think the baby-rib and the fact it doesn’t sit well on my shoulders means it’s not quite formal enough (not that I need to be super formal, but I don’t want to look too casual!). If it didn’t constantly rise up, I think it would be fine for work, but as it is, it’s just not quite right. It is SUPER comfortable though! I’ve used it as a pyjama top a couple of times because it’s so soft.


Seche Vite Fast-Drying Top Coat – £11 – I really love painting my nails, normally about twice a week (it’s something to do while watching hockey!), so quick-drying top coats are a must! I had been using INM Out The Door, but I had about 1/4 of a bottle left and it’s gotten too thick to use so I bought Sally Hansen’s Diamond Flash, which is really good. It takes a little longer to dry than Out The Door, but I think the shine is better! I was going to dive straight into Seche Vite, but that seems pointless until I’ve used up Diamond Flash, so right now it’s just an (expensive) back-up. I’ve heard so many good things about it that I can’t wait to slap it on my nails!


Asos Icon Brand Anchor Bracelet – £10 – This is what I bought to replace the other anchor bracelet I bought, and it’s certainly much easier to wear and catches a lot less! However, I had thought the charm would be bigger, IRL it’s quite small. I think I’ll attach the silver anchor charm to this bracelet, which should look good!


New Look Inspire Midi-Cardigan – £14 – I bought this mostly for work, but also because in New Look I’d bought another midi-cardigan which was woolen, and I really like the length and effect of it. I’m really pleased with this! It’s light-weight but it’s perfect for working indoors, I like the swish it adds to outfits, and I like varying hemlines, so this certainly does that as most of my skirts are mid-thigh. It’s a shame it’s not available anymore, because I really like it!


Club L Scuba Dress in Floral Print with Lace Sleeves – £18 – Oh. My. Gosh. This dress is fantastic! I absolutely adore it! The print is bolder than I normally go for, but I think it’s just lovely, and the lace sleeves complement this dress so well. It’s definitely on the short side, so I wear it with leggings (…as I do literally everything else, lol!), but I’m so happy with it! I bought it as a little gift to myself for finishing a difficult essay and I just love it. It’s still available on the site in sizes UK16-UK28, and it’s only £18! Delightful!


Asos Curve Poppy Kimono with Fringing – £27 – This was pretty expensive, I must admit… So it’s a good thing I love it! I’d been eyeing this kimono for a couple of months, but it’s always seemed too expensive. I recently started work again (my contracts are seasonal, so my last one ran out just before Christmas) and got my first pay-cheque through, and decided to treat myself. It came today and I just can’t get enough of it! The colours, length and fringing are just gorgeous! It’s still too chilly to wear it, but come summer I shall be swanning around in this, looking fabulous and floaty. Asos also had a dress in this fabric, which I was tempted by as well – but unfortunately it’s not in my size anymore, and I’m not convinced I’d suit the shape, it’s still pretty though!

Is anyone else slightly uncomfortable with cover-ups and sheer cardigans being called kimonos? I mean, a kimono is a distinct piece of clothing, which these things are… not. They have kimono sleeves, I guess, but that’s it. I’m not sure it’s as bad as slapping anything with a geometric pattern ‘Aztec/Ethnic/G*psy’, but it’s still pretty gross, right?

Well anyway, there we have it! All the things I’ve bought since October! Most of these were actually sale items, so if you’re like me and don’t want to spend too much on things, don’t forget about the Asos Outlet section on their website – they frequently have things up there which don’t show up on the regular pages. It’s where I buy most things, unless it’s something I feel I need for work.

What have you been buying lately? Grabbed any bargains?

Dream Capsule Wardrobe

So on Twitter I mentioned that I was once again daydreaming about how great it’d be to get rid of my entire wardrobe and start again from scratch. If I had that chance, I’d definitely be channelling my inner-witch – maybe the kind that sets you on a path of pain and destruction, or the kind that makes cakes and puts little spells in each slice, or the kind that enchants her social-circle and rules as a queen of suburbia.

And with that in mind, I decided to window-shop and see what kind of wardrobe I could come up with from the things which are currently on sale. I tried my best to be honest about what I’d like and what I would actually wear, so it’s perhaps not as overtly supernatural as it could be, but I like to think the witchy overtones are there! I also tried to choose a mix of comfortable and casual and slightly more formal and dressy.

I tried to keep myself to three items per type, so three dresses, three skirts, etc. I mostly succeeded!


Sprinkled Splendor Dress | Sights to Season Dress | T-Shirt Dress w/ Woven Pockets

Dresses are probably the main staple of my wardrobe, so to choose three was difficult, but I decided to go for shapes and designs that were simple and striking. I wanted to chose dresses that were interesting and playful, without being overly-costumey. I also particularly love the Sights to Season dress as it reminds me of an outfit I wore for Halloween when I was little (a fire-witch!), but it’s mature and beautiful enough to wear day-to-day.


Your Fireside of the Story Cardigan | Ladder Stitch Jumper | Airport Greeting Cardigan

For cardigans I tried to find tops that were interesting in either shape or texture and that would add warmth without being overly bulky or boring. I love the deconstructed look of the Ladder Stitch Jumper and the interesting drapery of the Airport Greeting Cardigan, but the reason I chose the Story Cardigan is that it is such a lovely, warm colour and I know from cardigans that I already own, that a traditional knitted cardigan goes with most things and is absolutely the cosiest, which would obvs be important to witches communing with nature in the middle of cold forests!


Spook Your Mind Tee | Picture Window Top | Top of the Classic

In terms of tops, I tried to look for things that would be comfortable and a little bit spooky but that weren’t clichés. I adore skulls and interesting designs, but if I were to chose only 3 tops to wear, I know that I’d like to go for designs that aren’t too busy or likely to fall out of style in the next 2 minutes. That’s why I felt an all-over print of a skull (and yes, I did have to include at least one!) worked better than many of the smaller print ones, especially as I can be quite fussy about sizing and placement of smaller designs. I like the radiating lines of the Picture Window top, and also the more subtle take on the current trend of mesh and see-through panels. Finally the crushed green velvet top is just gorgeous, both colour and cut, and just something I could see a well-to-do witch of means wearing.


Rainbow Metallic Full Skirt | Mesh Tiered Skirt | Jukebox DJ Jumper

I have to be honest, choosing skirts was the hardest part of this! The styles I normally prefer weren’t quite as abundant as they have been, but luckily I found these! The first is just so beautiful, I could in no way resist it! It’s made of spandex and has pockets! POCKETS! Aaah! The Mesh skirt is one that I think would look beautiful with all of the tops above, but it also looks comfortable AND swishy, which is a win in my books. The jumper is more of a departure from my normal style, but the cut is just gorgeous and the colour is fantastic, I can see it working very will in many different situations.


Pleated Leggings | Fresh Take Leggings in Galaxy | Exclusive Legging in Lace

With the leggings, I tried to balance my love of interesting leggings with ones that would actually work with everything else I’ve chosen. Both the Pleated and Lace leggings were chosen because I think they’ll go with anything, but they’re still comfortable and beautiful. The Fresh Take were chosen because… well… look at them! They’re fantastic! Any witch would be glad to slip them on!

witchybootsLeather Biker Boots | Mirror Shift 8-Eye Boots | Embellished Leather Ankle Boots | Darwin Worker Boots

So like I said, for most things I tried to curtail my wandering eye to three items, but if you expect me to choose between all these beautiful, stompy boots, then you vastly overestimate me. I just love all of these! They’re interesting, comfortable and I feel confident that if at any time I were called upon to kick a meddling knight from here to next Tuesday, these boots would give me that ability! When one is a witch that embraces conference with dark powers, it is essential one has footwear that enables one to run the fuck away from assorted zombies, demons and evangelists.

And there we have it! My dream capsule wardrobe for channelling my inner-witch! Do you like my choices? What sort of look would you go for if you had a restricted wardrobe?

(PS assuming everything were in stock in my size, and excluding shipping, this only comes to ~£935! Anyone have that lying around spare?)

Pay Day Splurge!

So I got paid yesterday~ Hooray! And with nearly all my Christmas presents bought, I thought it might just be time for  a little shopping for myself! (As if I don’t spend most of my pay cheque on ME anyway!) I may, possibly, have been a leeeettle bit over generous on myself… maybe…

I saw Shainna’s awesome Fall Fashion Faceoff post here (in fact I’ve just discovered her blog, and it is AH-MAY-ZING), and was reminded of Pink Clove’s super fucking cute plaid skirt and thought, I have GOT to get that! Alas, they don’t have it any more! Well, what’s a girl to do except buy the lace skater skirt and gold velvet peplum top, eh?


And then I just couldn’t stop! I headed over to Asos and was thoroughly tempted by so much stuff in their Christmas sale, but despite craving this navy sequin dress like no one’s business, I eventually went for the really pretty gold foil midi dress. I’m not sure it’s something I’ll wear on its own (still not up to conquering my fear of VBL quite yet!) but it’s gonna look so great under my batwing skull cut out dress (this was just a DIY of an old batwing jumper/dress from Evans). I also nabbed the super dipped hem t-shirt and the mesh cut out leggings.

goldbodycon image1xxl (2) image4xxl

I also headed over to Simply Be because they used to carry the bras I like to wear – Gok Wan’s Banger Booster, but it seems like they haven’t got them in my size anymore?? Which is a real shame! Instead I picked up some really cute lacy ones and also checked out their Feel Good Essentials site, where I fell in love with the OPI Mariah Carey Ski Slope Sweetie shade. I’ve been looking for a good white nail varnish, since the one I have is for tips on French Manicure styles, and so it’s too thick to be really good for all-over nail application but this OPI one looks SO CUTE, plus I’ve heard such good things about the brand, that I decided to check it out! Even if it IS ridiculously expensive, for a nail varnish!

f01fq697003shuge nq219_p1006943huge

So, what do you guys think? Have you been splashing out on anything recently?

What I might wear…

…if I were a Hufflepuff!

We all know what’s coming next, right?

It’s a montage of clothes I might wear if I were a member of Hufflepuff. Surprising, I know!


Firstly – OMG this was so hard! Yellow is rarely a colour that’s used in tops, or so it seems. I would have much preferred a more subdued shade of yellow for the top, but when I saw it on Asos, I couldn’t resist adding it in here. I was really torn on this outfit idea – part of me wanted to play up house colours and badgers. Part of me wanted to go for black jeans, black batwing/dolman sleeve chunky jumper, black boots and then yellow accessories – essentially some kind of low-key hipster Hufflepuff.

As you can see, I decided to play up house colours and badgers. I also tried to go for a comfortable and fairly flowing look with this – hence the waterfall cardigan and the loose fit of the top.

Belted wrap top – Asos Curve

Black stud shoulder waterfall cardigan – Yours Clothing

Mustard coloured belt I used in lieu of leather cuff – look I’ll be honest, it’s just a belt I saw on Asos. There is a surprising dearth of attractive chunky, yellow cuffs. Who knew?

Vintage Badger Earrings – Sour Cherry

Ankle Boots – who cares, the site I found them on says they cost £168 and who the hell would pay that much for a pair of ankle boots????

Jacquard tapered trouser – Simply Be

I’ve been thinking about this outfit for a while, but unfortunately it just didn’t come together like I wanted it to. You know when you have a picture in your head, but you cannot find anything like it online? Yeah, that.


Of course, the ultimate Hufflepuff look is being sported by the beauty on the far right in this photo. Click the link, then take a few minutes to recover yourself. Don’t worry, perfection affects us all that way.