What I might wear…

…if I were a Slytherin!

Guess what! It’s time for poorly made collages featuring clothes I would wear if I were a member of a fictional wizarding school! Hell yeah! (oh, that’s 5 points from Slytherin for bad language, eek!)

In one way, Slytherin is a fun house to do – nice green plus size clothing is relatively easy to find. In another way, it’s a bit of a bugger (another 5 points!), because whilst silver is used sometimes, it’s not particularly common, and especially not in styles that fit in with what I was trying to do. I tried to avoid using grey as a substitute, but I couldn’t entirely get around it, alas. Also I gave up on subtlety and put in a few snakey bits of jewellery!



1. Diamond Snake Ring – £6594.07

2.  Green Rhinestone Heart Clasp Bracelet – £10.00

3. Blackened Brass Swarovski Crystal Snake Necklace – £810.00

4. Skater Skirt in Leather – £85.00

5. Under The Sunflowers Cardigan in Terrace – £21.50

6. Obey Venom Single Ring – £14.70

7. Earn Your Pinstripes Tights –  £18.40

8. Grey Diamante Gem Cuff – £6.99

9. Underground Blitz Pewter Winklepicker – £109.00

I have to admit, this is probably the closest to a look that I would wear out and about anyway – quite feminine, but with some badass touches here and there. Because I’m doing Slytherin, I didn’t shy away so much from expensive clothes and accessories – I’m not saying Slytherin is FULL of pureblood rich wizards, but if I’m pretending I’m one of them, I’m sure as hell gonna pretend I’m a rich witch.

Man, if only I really had £15204.93 to spend on clothes!